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Short:A FidoNet tosser for UMS and *.msg
Author:johan.billing at (Johan Billing)
Uploader:johan billing kcc ct se (Johan Billing)
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Welcome to CrashMail, a full-featured mail-processor ("tosser") for the
Amiga. CrashMail has all the features you can expect in a good tosser
and is easy to configure with the comfortable settings editor CrashPrefs.
Many hours of work have been put into CrashMail to make it as powerful,
stable and easy to use as possible.

CrashMail can be used on a node as well as on a point system with high
demands and can use both UMS and *.msg messagebases.

CrashMail is a Shareware program.

This version

 - The UMS part of CrashMail has been almost totally rewritten, lots
   of things have been improved:

    o It is now possible to have more than one netmail area that uses
      UMS. Mail in the different netmail areas can be written to diffent
      folder. All you have to do is to specify Mail or Mail:folder as
      the Path in CrashPrefs/Areas. When exporting messages, mails in
      all folders will be exported when you scan a netmail area using

    o When importing a message, CrashMail now writes all kludge lines,
      tearline and origin to Comments. CrashMail uses this to make sure
      rescanned messages are as close as possible to the original. This
      is still not perfect and can never be perfect in an UMS
      messagebase since kludges have to be separated from the text.

    o CrashMail can now gate both ways between Fidonet netmail and
      e-mails with UMS. It was only possible to gate e-mails to
      netmails in previous versions. To send a netmail to an e-mail
      address, you have to write the netmail to the gateway address
      and write "To: user at domain" as the first line of the netmail.
      The gateway address ("Import gateway name") can be configured
      in CrashPrefs/UMS. Please not that CrashMail does not (yet)
      adhere to much of the German "Gatebau" gateway specification.

    o When exporting e-mails with CrashMail to a Fidonet->e-mail
      gateway running at another node, Maus addresses will be
      converted to e-mail addresses if Maus gateway is turned on.

    o When importing messages to UMS, it is now possible to override
      any domains specified in Origin lines. CrashMail will then use
      the default domain instead. Check out "Ignore domain on Origin
      line" in CrashPrefs/UMS.

    o CrashMail now sets the correct domain for all imported netmails.
      In earlier versions, CrashMail would always use the domain
      configured for the area, which of course would be incorrect for
      all other domains.

    o Sysop users can now set the originating address to use with the
      attribute keyword FIDOADDR. This might be useful for hubs or hosts
      who wish to use an alternative aka in the origin line.

    o CrashMail can now set the To field to "All" when exporting
      messages with empty To fields. Configurable with "Change empty
      To line to All" in CrashPrefs/UMS.

 - Much of the Areafix has been rewritten. These things have been added:

    o You can now configure a maximum number of lines in the AreaFix
      responses written by CrashMail. This was introduced since many
      programs can't handle too long netmails. You can set this in

    o There is now a new Areafix command called %INFO. This command
      gives information about the configuration of the node.

    o Long tagnames will no longer be truncated in the area lists
      generated by the Areafix, instead information about such areas
      will be written to two lines.

    o Five new ARexx commands and command-line arguments have been
      SENDHELP. The NOTIFY ARexx command and command-line argument
      still works, but is just an alias for SENDQUERY.

    o It is now possible to use wildcards in the Areafix. Rescan and
      forward-requests are disabled when wildcards are used.

    o Updated AreafixHelp.doc to describe the new features.

 - The Strip Re: feature now also strips "Re[x]:" and "Re^x:"

 - CrashMail no longer saves the dupe buffer to disk if it hasn't been

 - The format of the summary written after tossing mail has been
   changed. The only real change is that CrashMail now also shows the
   number of messages written to PKT files.

 - You can now configure CrashMail to bounce only the message header
   and not the whole message including the text when bouncing messages.
   Configurable with "Bounce header only" in CrashPrefs/Options.

 - The "Change areas" function in CrashPrefs/Areas has been rewritten
   and now works just like in CrashTick.

 - CrashMail now no longer leaves the configuration file open when it
   fails to reload the configuration.

 - CrashMail now also supports nodelists in Gotcha format.

 - A new version of NotifyErrors.rexx which can scan multiple logfiles has
   been included. This is the same version that comes with CrashTick.

 - The "Add" and "Add all" buttons in CrashPrefs/Nodes and
   CrashPrefs/Areas have been replaced by a single "Add" button and a
   cycle gadget that lets you decide if you want to select from all
   areas/nodes ot only from those with access. It now works the same
   way as in CrashTickPrefs.

 - It is now possible to have different default areas for areas
   auto-added in different groups. The name of an default area is
   now either just DEFAULT like before or DEFAULT_<groups>, for
   example DEFAULT_ABDE. The DEFAULT area is only used if no other
   matching default area can be found. Of course you can now have
   multiple default areas, and you are no longer required to have
   any default areas at all. This is especially useful to UMS users
   who now can have different prefixes for auto-added areas in
   different groups.

 - If an area was auto-added from a node that had "Get new areas" selected
   for areas auto-added in that group, the node would be added twice to the
   area. This is now fixed.

Contents of comm/fido/CrashMail130.lha
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[generic]                  250     628  39.8% -lh5- 1e3b Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/.info
[generic]                 1895    4754  39.9% -lh5- d79b May 19  1997 CrashMail/AreafixHelp.doc
[generic]                  140     247  56.7% -lh5- 4b22 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                 2534    4012  63.2% -lh5- 7526 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/CrashAnnounce
[generic]                 2095    3112  67.3% -lh5- 54ae Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/CrashForward
[generic]                 5208    8492  61.3% -lh5- 8ef4 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/CrashHW
[generic]                68734  146072  47.1% -lh5- ba44 Jul  8  1997 CrashMail/CrashMail
[generic]                49858  153232  32.5% -lh5- 7610 Jul  8  1997 CrashMail/
[generic]                  259     503  51.5% -lh5- e5d8 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                  136     324  42.0% -lh5- fc0f Jul  8  1997 CrashMail/CrashMail.log
[generic]                 5411    8960  60.4% -lh5- c8e0 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/CrashMaint
[generic]                67493  172240  39.2% -lh5- 9455 Jul  8  1997 CrashMail/CrashPrefs
[generic]                  374     954  39.2% -lh5- 0f5a Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                 1003    1658  60.5% -lh5- 86b7 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                 5832   10140  57.5% -lh5- dc32 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/CrashStats
[generic]                 6824   12996  52.5% -lh5- e366 May 16  1997 CrashMail/CrashWrite
[generic]                 1515    5903  25.7% -lh5- 171e Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/Install
[generic]                  357     707  50.5% -lh5- b41c Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                  284     632  44.9% -lh5- 8f7d Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                56301  100848  55.8% -lh5- d5ab Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/libs/gtlayout.library
[generic]                28530   43628  65.4% -lh5- 5698 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/libs/reqtools.library
[generic]                  279     632  44.1% -lh5- 5ad3 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                  858    1902  45.1% -lh5- 455e Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/CC-All.rexx
[generic]                  697    1800  38.7% -lh5- f1b3 Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/DescAdder.rexx
[generic]                  463     917  50.5% -lh5- bc77 Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/ElistConv.rexx
[generic]                  943    2446  38.6% -lh5- 6a00 Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/James.rexx
[generic]                 1449    3389  42.8% -lh5- 4349 May  8  1996 CrashMail/rexx/NotifyErrors.rexx
[generic]                  703    1395  50.4% -lh5- a0e4 Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/ParseRFC.rexx
[generic]                  742    1518  48.9% -lh5- 6229 Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/R20EchoConv.rexx
[generic]                 1035    2759  37.5% -lh5- 606c Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/RequestBot.rexx
[generic]                  226     342  66.1% -lh5- 1d8f Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/Scan.rexx
[generic]                  226     341  66.3% -lh5- 70ec Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/rexx/Toss.rexx
[generic]                 2005   10644  18.8% -lh5- 1444 Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/StatsFormat.doc
[generic]                  145     247  58.7% -lh5- a75d Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                  282     632  44.6% -lh5- 280d Dec 20  1996 CrashMail/
[generic]                 2476    2476 100.0% -lh0- 9f9a Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/tools/CheckSpace10.lha
[generic]                 1315    2060  63.8% -lh5- 1a3c Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/tools/ExistsMail
[generic]                 1068    1552  68.8% -lh5- 5bb7 Sep 11  1996 CrashMail/tools/ExistsTick
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 Total        39 files  320222  715726  44.7%            Jul  9  1997

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