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Short:Packet radio modem driver (TNC emulator)
Author:Alexander Feigl
Uploader:Joachim Feigl schwaben de (Joachim Feigl)
Requires:KS 2.0
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AmigaTNC - packet radio modem driver for AMIGA computers

(c) 1996-1997 by Alexander Feigl

                 CB-Net : SP7OCK  at  RT0BSS.#RT.BW.DEU.EU


Do you have a packet radio modem but you want to use a programme which only
can use TNCs in hostmode? Or do you have a modem which uses the AMIGA audio
output and you want to use a programm which doesn't support this? AmigaTNC can
emulate a TNC with both types of modem. Hostmode supporting programmes will
run on a simple modem. Even KISS-only programmes run with AmigaTNC.
AmigaTNC even works with KISS-only TNCs and supports the missing hostmode
interface for these TNCs.

AmigaTNC can be  at {"resident in your memory" link "Permanent_Driver" 0}. Other
stations can use you for
digipeating even if your packet radio programme isn't running. Somebody can
even put a message in your "TNC" or connect you and wait until you load your
programme. If you leave your programme, all connects will be kept until you
reset your computer. AmigaTNC works completely in the background. If your
computer is fast enough or you don't mind a speed decrease if a packet
arrives, you can permanently install AmigaTNC in your startup.

AmigaTNC can also be used, if you use an old programme which doesn't have a
frame collector. AmigaTNC itself has a higly efficent frame collector built

  Tested configurations

  Amiga  500   /  68000     7 MHz /  1 MB Chip /  2 MB Fast  / OS 2.0

  Amiga 1200   /  68EC020  14 MHz /  2 MB Chip /  0 MB Fast  / OS 3.0

  Amiga 1200   /  68030    50 MHz /  2 MB Chip /  4 MB Fast  / OS 3.0

  Amiga 4000   /  68EC030  25 MHz /  2 MB Chip / 16 MB Fast  / OS 3.0

  Amiga 4000   /  68060    50 MHz /  2 MB Chip / 16 MB Fast  / OS 3.0


  - Kickstart 2.04
  - 512 KB memory
  - 7MHz or better

Sorry to all Kickstart 1.3 users, but your operating system is really old
fashioned. It's awful to programme I/O handling or command line parsing on
Kickstart 1.3. Please buy a new operating system, the features are great. Or
even better, buy a new Amiga computer!

AmigaTNC does not need much memory, but if you load AmigaTNC, it may be
possible that some programmes don't run anymore because they need all memory
you have. I nobody know who has only 512KB of memory so I cannot test which
programmes run on these machines.

All modem drivers need much CPU time. But I think AmigaTNC should run on all
Amigas. If you have problems receiving packets, then it may be possible that
your Amiga is to slow. I have 2MB of fast memory and I don't have these
problems. If you only have chip memory and your packet programme uses a lot of
bitplanes, it can slow down your whole computer. Buy a turbo board or try
another programme.

Copyright / Distribution

AmigaTNC is freely distributable under following conditions:

  - Nobody is allowed to make any profit of distributing AmigaTNC. You
    are only allowed to demand costs for media or copying. These costs
    may not exceed the amount of 5 DM in your currency. Distribution
    on Aminet CDs or similar freeware collections is OK.

  - You may only distribute AmigaTNC in its original form. This means,
    if you want to spread it, you must spread the original archive.
    Changing the programme or this guide is strictly forbidden!!!

  - AmigaTNC must not be used on computers which are used for development
    or production of weapons directly or indirectly. It must not be
    used by people which are involved with devolopment, dealing or
    producing weapons, too.

  - You may modify AmigaTNC for personal use, but nobody than you is
    allowed to used your modified version. You are not allowed to delete
    the notice which declares me as the author. You are not allowed to
    distribute a patch programme which individually patches the original
    version. If you something don't like, please  at {"contact me" link
"Contact_Address" 0} to change it.


History of AmigaTNC

V 1.3    (11 Oct 97)

  - BUG FIX: Baudrate calculation was incorrect on PAL systems -
             now it should work on all systems

  - BUG FIX: Illegal memory access in command SETPARAM. This bug took
             me hours and hours of debugging. :-(

  - Added new timer handling to support multiple AmigaTNC units
    (shared timer client)

  - Added KISS/SMACK/Flexnet-CRC-KISS support

  - Added shared timer modem mode (still experimental)

  - Added multi port mode (still experimental)

  - Added  at P command to change the protocol identifier

  - Automatic installation script for common hardware

  - Changed history : newest changes first

V 1.2b   (03 Mar 97)

  - Internet / Aminet release

V 1.2    (29 Jan 97)

  - BUG FIX: Execbase was deleted in some rare cases - hard crash
  - New driver modes : BAYCOMMODEMHALF and BAYCOMAUDIOHALF --> with special
    cables you should be able to use serial port AND packet radio modem
    (you need a driver which allocates RXD/TXD only)
  - New keywords : MODEMBAUD / SOFTWAREDCD

V 1.1

  - BUG FIX: Host link status on monitor channel was incorrect
  - BUG FIX: EOF mode was not supported (AHP4 incompatibility)
  - BUG FIX: Driver could be deleted while connected if device is not opend
  - Now frame reject delivers correct code
  - Command parser routine changed for non-space commands
  - Delaying acknowledgement frame generation until channel is free
  - Optimized programme code

V 1.0

First released version. It was hard work to finish it. It still is not
complete but I wanted to release AmigaTNC because many Amiga packet users are
not satisfied by their packet radio programme. (some programmes seem to crash
every few minutes). With AmigaTNC they should be able to use nearly every
packet radio programme with both types of modems. Thanks to all testers.
Without them this programme might have dozens of bugs.

Contents of comm/misc/AmigaTNC.lha
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[generic]                  624    2913  21.4% -lh5- 4ee5 Oct 11  1997
[generic]                22867   39660  57.7% -lh5- f6e2 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/AmigaTNC
[generic]                12133   34934  34.7% -lh5- 2426 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/
[generic]                  286     504  56.7% -lh5- c710 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/
[generic]                  251     482  52.1% -lh5- 7373 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/
[generic]                 4157    6616  62.8% -lh5- 2a3c Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/Inst_ConfigAmicom
[generic]                 5019   11004  45.6% -lh5- 9600 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/Inst_ConfigProfiPacket
[generic]                 3757    6100  61.6% -lh5- 2a71 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/Inst_GetConfig
[generic]                 3495   18302  19.1% -lh5- bfdf Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/Install_HD
[generic]                  320     565  56.6% -lh5- d0d9 Oct 11  1997 AmigaTNC_V1.3/
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 Total        10 files   52909  121080  43.7%            Oct 12  1997

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