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Short:Control Sonos speakers with your Amiga
Author:Michael Rupp
Uploader:SonosController mrupp ch
Requires:68020+ (68060 strongly recommended), MUI 3.8, AmiSSL 4, one or more Sonos speakers
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
Kurz:Steuere Sonos-Speaker mit deinem Amiga
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SonosController lets you control your precious Sonos speakers from any Amiga
connected to the same network.

If you like SonosController, please consider a donation by PayPal:
Any donation is highly appreciated, no matter how small, and it helps to keep
motivation up to develop software like this for the Amiga!

- searches your network automatically for Sonos speakers (that was a tricky
  one) but if that fails for whatever reason, they can also be added manually
- listing your speakers with the info of the currently playing song, sporting
  an icon that is downloaded from the speaker itself
- subscription of the speaker's UPNP events (that was probably the hardest
  one to crack, man-o-man), it means that the controller gets a notification
  if the Sonos system receives a command from some other controller
  (f.e. from your mobile or on some other computer) or directly from the
  speaker's buttons
- sending control commands (sending SOAP requests, another tricky one):
  - Play
  - Pause
  - Next
  - Back
  - Jump to time index
  - Volume
  - Mute
  - Shuffle
  - Repeat (everything, current song)
  - Crossfade
- display of the current song's title, artist, and album on the selected
- download and display of the album cover if possible (f.e. if embedded into
  the playing MP3 file)
- local cache for album covers for better performance
- local cache can be emptied in the Preferences dialog
- album cover download can be deactivated in the Preferences dialog
- listing the selected speaker's current queue
- playing a song by clicking an entry in the queue
- listing the Sonos favourites incl. starting one
- listing the Sonos playlists incl. starting one (normal oder shuffled)
- listing TuneIn's saved radio stations incl. starting one
- listing TuneIn's saved radio shows incl. starting one
- browsing your music library incl. starting songs, albums, etc. (normal or
- searching your music library by search string and search type (artist,
  album, composer, genre, song or imported playlist)
- the last x search strings are save, whereas x can be configured in the
  Preferences (0 - max. 50)
- saved search strings can be emptied in the Preferences dialog
- keyboard shortcuts

And I absolutely wanted to have an Amiga exclusive feature in it, something
that the original Sonos app doesn't feature:

- Exporting playlists in M3U format. These can be put into your music
  library's "playlists" folder to be re-imported into Sonos, thus enabling
  you to kind of backup and restore your playlists.

Technical Details
SonosController is created using Hollywood 9.0 and its plugins RapaGUI 2.0, 
hURL 1.1 and XMLParser 1.1.

Side Note & Thanks
SonosController is my very first Amiga program (I do C# normally) and would
not have been possible without the help of Andreas Falkenhahn and the great
Hollywood community at Thank you all for
your support!

All use of SonosController is at your own risk and I can't be held
responsible for any damage it might do to your Sonos or other equipment.
But really, I can't see any way how that might be possible.
And finally: note that I'm not associated with Sonos in any way other than
being a user of their products. Please visit to find
out more about them and their excellent sound systems.

1.1 (27.09.2021)
- NEW: first release for AmigaOS 3.x besides 4.1 and MorphOS
- NEW: lots of performance improvements to make it usable on a 68060 cpu, 
  resulting in being blazingly fast on PPC-Amigas.
- NEW: MUI 3.8 compatibility (instead of 5.0)
- NEW: zones (= rooms) are now saved in the config file so when starting the
  app the next time no network scan is necessary, resulting in a much quicker
- NEW: to save on network traffic and CPU load, loading of the current queue
  can now be deactivated in the Preferences.
- NEW: network scan can now be cancelled and it's no longer possible to start
  a second scan while one is already running (this led to speakers being
  listed multiple times in v1.0).
- NEW: queue lists are now cached in memory and are only reloaded if a change
  has been reported by the according UPNP event.
- NEW: various zone values are now cached in memory and are no longer reloaded
  when switching between zones.
- NEW: loading of album art for radio stations
- NEW: timeout for UPNP subscription has been increased from 10 minutes to
  1 hour (same as with the original Sonos app).
- NEW: added progress in percent while loading a list in the music source
- NEW: added the possibility to cancel loading a list in the music source
- NEW: "Settings" menu to accomodate the menuitems "Preferences..." and "MUI..."
- NEW: "About MUI..." menuitem to follow the MUI styleguide
- CHANGED: shortcuts for "Next" / "Previous" from Ctrl-LEFT/RIGHT to Alt-
  LEFT/RIGHT because on an Amiga keyboard the Ctrl key is quite far away from
  the cursor keys.
- REMOVED: browsing the music library by song: it was useless and took ages,
  it's much better to use the search instead.
- FIXED: renewal of UPNP subscription as well as unsubscription
- FIXED: TV input is now handled correctly.
- FIXED: improved handling when clicking like mad into the track position
- FIXED: disable play button if action "Play" is not available
- FIXED: lots of minor bugfixes

1.0 (16.08.2021)
- first public release for AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS 3.x

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