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Short:Build (or buy) a low-price 2 meg Agnus
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Uploader:ttmaphelp struad cts com
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Build, or buy, a low-cost 2 Megabyte Agnus board for your 500/2000.
Gives you 2 megabytes of chip RAM. Very professionally done.

Here is the revision information for those wanting to know what the
difference is between the versions.

Rev 5.0d5 21-Oct-95

1. Since RAM prices have risen since we originally set our prices, we
   are forced to either stop selling the boards or follow the increase
   in RAM prices. Our markup on the boards is extremely small
   and we cannot afford to eat the difference in the price of RAM.
   If RAM prices rise more we will have to raise our price accordingly
   again, but at this time we don't anticipate it happening soon.

Rev 5.0d4 21-Nov-93

1. Double oops! There was another mistake in the file
   "PAL-NTSC_SWITCHER.IFF".  The resistor and wire were shown to be
   connected to the wrong pin of the PLCC plug. The error in this
   diagram will cause no damage, but will simply cause the computer
   to think there was a memory error, and put up a red screen, when
   set for NTSC mode. Reconnecting the wire and resistor to the
   proper pin will fix the problem. The file "PAL-NTSC_SWITCHER.IFF"
   has ben updated to version 2.0 which shows the proper connection.

Rev 5.0d3 23-Sep-93

1. Initially we said that the 8375 Agnus would not work. This used to
   be correct. However, there is a new Agnus marked 8375B that has a
   part number of 318069-03. This is the only version of the 8375
   Agnus that will work. It must say part number 318069-03 or it will
   not work. The 8372B Agnus still works fine, and it also has a part
   number of 318069-03. The text file "TTMAP50D.DOC" and picture file
   "TTMAP50D_PARTS1.IFF" have been changed to reflect the new Agnus

Rev 5.0d2 8-Sep-93

1. Oops! This is what we get for working on a diagram late at night.
   In the picture file "PAL-NTSC_SWITCHER.IFF" one of the wires that
   connected the switch to the board was on the wrong side of the
   resistor. This has been fixed in the diagram.

Rev 5.0d1 7-Sep-93

1. We were able to buy most of the parts in bulk which decreased the
   cost. This is reflected on the order form price list.
2. We were able to get very good pricing on the 2 megabyte Agnus chip
   and include it as an option. This is shown on the order form.
3. We included an IFF diagram showing how to add a PAL/NTSC switcher.
   This diagram is the picture file "PAL-NTSC_SWITCHER.IFF"
4. The label on the 256x4 RAM chip in the picture file
   "TTMAP50D_PARTS1.IFF" incorrectly said "PAL". We changed it to
   corectly say "256x4".

Rev 5.0d 21-Aug-93 Initial release

1. No changes. This was the first release.

Contents of docs/hard/2MegAgnus50d5.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                16517   45002  36.7% -lh5- 37dc Nov 21  1993 pal-ntsc_switcher.iff
[generic]                 1221    2609  46.8% -lh5- 8abf Oct 21  1995 readmefirst
[generic]                17053   52249  32.6% -lh5- 64c0 Oct 21  1995 ttmap50d.doc
[generic]                18126   59104  30.7% -lh5- 086c Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_assembly.iff
[generic]                27968  109640  25.5% -lh5- c316 Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_board.iff
[generic]                12237   34086  35.9% -lh5- 0b87 Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_clip.iff
[generic]                19687   57392  34.3% -lh5- 8bc9 Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_logic.iff
[generic]                 1303    6985  18.7% -lh5- c6c2 Aug 20  1993 ttmap50d_pal.pld
[generic]                14107   49148  28.7% -lh5- b4b9 Sep 23  1993 ttmap50d_parts1.iff
[generic]                11254   36332  31.0% -lh5- 8152 Feb 16  1994 ttmap50d_parts2.iff
[generic]                11483   34300  33.5% -lh5- 21ae Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_probes.iff
[generic]                19912   67604  29.5% -lh5- a163 Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_schematic1.iff
[generic]                15557   63778  24.4% -lh5- 570d Aug 19  1993 ttmap50d_schematic2.iff
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        13 files  186425  618229  30.2%            Oct 23  1995

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