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Short:turn-based military strategy game (1987)
Author:David Townsend
Uploader:aminet aminet net
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An old PD game that simulates the first battle of the American civil war.
Successfuly tested on both AmigaOS 1.3 and 3.1.

The original disk contained a lot of copyrighted AmigaOS files, these
were removed before uploading it. The game does not seem to require any system

Original readme below:

BULLRUN: Civil War Game

     BULL RUN is a wargame that recreates the battle of First Bull
Run, the first major battle of the American Civil War. You can take the
side of either the Confederacy or the Union, and the computer will
direct the opposing forces.

     Double click the Bull Run icon.
The program will start and you will see the game's title screen.

     Decide which side you want to play, and then click on the
appropriately-labeled flag.

     The screen shows a map of the battlefield divided into squares. The
green patches represent woods, blue lines are rivers, and black dots are
towns. Bull Run is the large river that divides the map in half. It is
only crossable at fords, denoted by black lines crossing the river.
     Your playing pieces are the red (Confederate) or blue (Union) squares,
each marked with a two-letter identity code. Enemy units are the unmarked
     The current game time is displayed at the top of the screen. Each turn
represents half an hour of real time.

   The object of the game is to capture an enemy town. The town must be
occupied throughout a turn to win. The Union player has only one town to
defend -- Centreville, in the northeast corner of the map. The Confederates
have two towns -- Manassas to the south and New Market to the west.
     If neither player wins by the 7:00 PM turn, the game ends and the
computer decides who wins, based on relative casualties and how close each
side came to their objective.

     To get more information on your units, move the pointer over a unit and
click the left mouse button. The title bar will show the full name of the
unit's commander, the unit's "mode" and the current/original number of men
in the unit.
     If you hold the button down, you will notice that the pointer changes
to a "target." To give a unit orders to move, you
   -- move the pointer to the unit
   -- hold down the left mouse button (the pointer will change to a target)
   -- move the target to the square that you want to set as the destination
      for the unit
   -- release the left mouse button.

     You can give movement orders to each of your units every turn. Orders
stay in effect until the unit reaches its destination or it is given other
orders. You can always cancel a unit's orders by clicking on the unit and
then choosing "Cancel Move" from the ORDERS menu (or, equivalently, pressing
function key F6).
     In addition to movement orders, you can also set the "mode" of the unit
by clicking on the unit and then using the MODES menu. There are five
different modes: Charge, Attack, Skirmish, Defend, and Withdraw, with
Charge being the most aggressive and Withdraw being the least. The mode
of a unit affects how it will perform in combat: units with more aggressive
modes will have a better chance of forcing the enemy to retreat, but will
take more casualties than units with less aggressive modes.
     When you are finished giving orders to your units, choose Execute Turn
from the ORDERS menu. The computer will then begin moving the armies based
on your orders. Notice that enemy units may move also; the computer is
directing the enemy forces and is giving orders to the enemy at the same
time as you.

     No unit may move from one square adjacent to an enemy unit directly
to another square adjacent to the SAME enemy unit. For experienced
wargamers, note that this is a variation on the usual ZOC rule.

     Not all of enemy units will be visible at all times -- they must be
"sighted" by friendly forces. Units on ford squares, or units on the
enemy side of the river, are ALWAYS sighted. Otherwise, to sight the
enemy you must have a unit on the same side of the river (or on a ford)
and within three squares of the enemy. Unsighted units do not appear on
the map, but sighting is checked whenever a unit moves, not just at the
end of a turn.

     Combat is caused by a unit trying to move into an enemy-occupied
square. A window will appear, telling you which units are involved and
what casualties are sustained. A blinking arrow on the map will appear,
showing exactly which unit is attacking and the direction of the attack.
The size of the arrow shows the aggressiveness of the attack. When you are
done seeing the combat results, hit any key or click the left mouse button
to continue.

     Units which take too many casualties can become "shattered." A
shattered unit is marked with an asterisk in the title bar when you click on
it. Shattered units cannot be in any mode other than Defend or Withdraw.

     If a unit takes excessive casualties, it may be "routed." Routed units
are removed from the map and take no further part in the game.

     At the beginning of the 11:00 AM turn, the Confederate player receives
the "Smith" unit at the town of Manassas, unless the town is enemy occupied.
Once the Smith unit appears on the map, it is treated as any other unit
and may immediately be put to use by the Confederate player.

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