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Short:Converts bitmap to vector graphics.
Author:Martin Weber (martweb at
Uploader:DJBase gmx de (DJBase)
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AutoTrace is a utility that converts bitmap to vector graphics.
You find more information at:

Port by DJBase -

Here the options you can use in the command:
    Usage: autotrace.exe [options] <input_name>.
    Options:<input_name> should be a supported image.
      You can use `--' or `-' to start an option.
      You can use any unambiguous abbreviation for an option name.
      You can separate option names and values with `=' or ` '.
    background-color <hexadezimal>: the color of the background that
      should be ignored, for example FFFFFF;
      default is no background color.
    centerline: trace a character's centerline, rather than its outline.
    color-count <unsigned>: number of colors a color bitmap is reduced to,
      it does not work on grayscale, allowed are 1..256;
      default is 0, that means not color reduction is done.
    corner-always-threshold <angle-in-degrees>: if the angle at a pixel is
      less than this, it is considered a corner, even if it is within
      `corner-surround' pixels of another corner; default is 60.
    corner-surround <unsigned>: number of pixels on either side of a
      point to consider when determining if that point is a corner;
      default is 4.
    corner-threshold <angle-in-degrees>: if a pixel, its predecessor(s),
      and its successor(s) meet at an angle smaller than this, it's a
      corner; default is 100.
    despeckle-level <unsigned>: 0..20; default is no despeckling.
    despeckle-tightness <real>: 0.0..8.0; default is 2.0.
    dpi <unsigned>: The dots per inch value in the input image, affects scaling
      of mif output image
    error-threshold <real>: subdivide fitted curves that are off by
      more pixels than this; default is 2.0.
    filter-iterations <unsigned>: smooth the curve this many times
      before fitting; default is 4.
    input-format:  TGA, PBM, PNM, PGM, PPM or BMP.
    help: print this message.
    line-reversion-threshold <real>: if a spline is closer to a straight
      line than this, weighted by the square of the curve length, keep it a
      straight line even if it is a list with curves; default is .01.
    line-threshold <real>: if the spline is not more than this far away
      from the straight line defined by its endpoints,
      then output a straight line; default is 1.
    list-output-formats: print a list of support output formats to stderr.
    list-input-formats:  print a list of support input formats to stderr.
    log: write detailed progress reports to <input_name>.log.
    output-file <filename>: write to <filename>
    output-format <format>: use format <format> for the output file
    eps, ai, p2e, sk, svg, fig, swf, emf, er, dxf, mif, epd, pdf or 
      cgm can be used.
    remove-adjacent-corners: remove corners that are adjacent.
    tangent-surround <unsigned>: number of points on either side of a
      point to consider when computing the tangent at that point; default is 3.
    report-progress: report tracing status in real time.
    debug-arch: print the type of cpu.
    debug-bitmap: dump loaded bitmap to <input_name>.bitmap.
    version: print the version number of this program.

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