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Short:Plays SIDS,OctamedSS,mods,Digibooster etc.
Author:amoralplayer at
Uploader:amorelplayer earthlink net
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Less Short:

This audio/song player supports:
	* Sidsongs
        * Octamed Soundstudio (OSS)
        * Any other octamed and med format
        * Mods 
        * Digibooster(through AHI)
        * Iff 8 bit samples direct from disk
        * More to come....

This program is shareware but fully functional. Please pay 5 Euro or $5.
Use my email address as ID on paypal(, or contact me for
other methods of payment.

If you pay, you will get better support and you will get updates sooner. 
Also I`m more likely to implement your wishes :-) And of course paying this 
reasonable fee will encourage me to improve this more.


version 1.8.1
	* Info updated

version 1.8
	* Fixed some problems with end of mod stopping, faster replay at 
	  times and such.
	* Fixed some minor annoyances, clean up of code(more to be done ;-)

version 1.7.1
	* Just one bugfix here, the filter checkbox was having problems

version 1.7
	* There is now a menu option to recursively scan a
	  directory(hopefully with music files) and make a playlist out of
	  it. This list will then appear in the playlist of the main window            
	  and it can be treated like any oeher playlist. So it can be saved.
	* Menu layout has been improved
	* The position of the playlist in the main window will jump to the 
	  currently loaded song.
	* Some textual changes reflecting the change to the Euro.

	* See update history for more.

         Copy libraries to libs:
	 Copy xpkBLZW.library to libs:compressors
         Copy main program anywhere you like!

The program:

Ok, as you know by now this program plays modules of different formats.
The formats currently supported are:

	* Sidsongs, the C=64 sid music, using the playsid.library

        * Med, Octamed, Soundstudio(thus 4 channel, 8 channel and the newest
          octamed soundstudio up to 64 channel formats)

        * Pt module(the standard mod format)

        * Digibooster through AHI

        * IFF 8 bit samples, direct from disk(so no memory limitations)  

The most widely used formats are covered as far as I`m concerned.
There will appear some more support for other formats(see `future`) and
if you think I missed out something really obvious, tell me.

        I`m not gonna tell, ought to be obvious :-)

        Well, in case you`re stuck, check the help menu.

        several octamed related libraries(included)
        dbplayer.library (included)
        libraries for powerpacker and xpk(included)
        AHI for digibooster(not included)


        * Multi format(of course :)
        * Playlist
        * Support for xpk`ed and powerpacked files, decrunching in
          fastmemory if available.
        * `App` support, thus drag and drop on window, appicon or
          appmenu(shift select) 
        * Plays (octa)med, soundstudio and digibooster songs from
          fastmemory if available.
        * Fast and easy gadtools GUI
        * Soundperiod displayed with ST modules(working on it for other
        * Usage of standard libraries for replay and decrunch, except ST
          modules and IFF 8 bit samples. (hm is that a feature or laziness? ;)
        * Able to load in ANY file and attempt to play it, asking you
          beforehand of course(see and listen for yourself ;) Might be
          usefull for the few people who love weird sounds, some files give 
          perfect sounds for a psychedelic electro song :-D 
        * Reasonably small and fast, doesnt use up much resources. Needs
          little memory to run
        * Works on all cpu types(as far as i know) and not on Amiga os <2.0,   
          not tested though. 
        * .... ask me for features you want/need. Ofcourse if you register I
          will be more likely to add your requests.

Tested on:
        * Amiga 1200 with 200 mHz ppc, 25 mHz 040 and 32 mb fast
        * Amiga 1200 with 060
        * Bare Amiga 1200 2 mb chip, 14 mHz 020

Known bugs:

Sometimes (un)checking a menu item may not be noticed, trying it again should
fix that.
If you find more contact me.

        * Enhanced playlist support, more user friendly and such
	* AHI support for various audio file formats, including mp3
	* Datatype support for replaying samples
        * 16 bit sample support
        * fast forward and rewind on other than PT modules
        * showing of period on other than PT modules
        * more module/song formats?


	Olivier Fabre as beta tester        
	Fabio Bizzetti as beta tester
        August('gustli) as beta tester
        Many people on the Blitz mailinglist for beta testing
        Teijo Kinunnen for the great Octamed(Soundstudio)
        Frederic Laboureur for New Commandset in Blitz
        James L Boyd for Pupit(powerpacker (un)pack)
        Madgun, Binary Assault
        Rick Hodger
        Red When Excited

Update history:

version 1.6
	* Does now play sidsongs! :-)
	* Will now also show information on sidsongs and digibooster songs
	* Added 2 gadgets to play different songs within a sidsong
	* Added a menu option to change sid replay speed between PAL 50Hz 
	  and NTSC 60 Hz(Requires a restart of the sidsong to take effect).

version 1.5.5
	* A little playlist bug has been fixed
	* Some other fixes and changes
	* I changed the main icon to AmigaOS 3.1 style,
	  there`s another fancy 3.5 icon in the archive.
	* Files packed with one of Octamed`s pack formats needs a specific
	  compressor which I couldn`t find on aminet anywhere, so I`ve added
	  it in this archive. Copy it(xpkBLZW.library) to libs:compressors 
	  if necessary.

version 1.5.4
        (Thanks to Nick Clover and John Mason for finding some bugs.)
        * Graph. eq. apparently got drawn lower every time one changed it
          "back and forth" in the menu, whilst having a >8 pixel font. That`s
        * Changed the command to switch filter as it caused a crash at
          certain setups, why I don`t know.
        * Nick Clover editted my icon a bit to show up better on dark
          backgrounds. To use it just copy it over the regular icon using the

version 1.5.3
        * Some minor fixes worthy of an update

version 1.5.2
        * Added font sensitivity, which hopefully resolves any font
        * In combination with font sensitivity I improved compatibility
          with visualprefs. The windows will adjust size both for height
          and width. The graphic equalizer still won`t draw correctly, but
          it`s not essential. Will be fixed one day(stupid patches).
        * One can now read the information contained in PTmodules. It`s
          likely this will be extended to other module formats in the
        * Eject gadget was still a tiny bit not right, fixed.
        * As usual more bits and stuff

version 1.5.1
        * Eject gadget had another image when pressed, non fatal, no big
          deal, but I`m a perectionist ;-)

version 1.5
        * Now accepting paypal( for registrations!
        * Now using handdrawn image icons for better looks.
        * Completely reworked list routines, thanks go to David Newton and
          Tony Rolfe.
        * A new icon(glow icon), the old icon is still there if you prefer
        * More minor stuff....

version 1.4.4
        * Added an online "bonus" song. Credits to that song go to someone
          called "Shamen", I could not find any contact info.
        * Made random play a bit "more random", it liked to be a tiny bit
          repetitive at times. Hope that`s better now.
        * Several minor tweaks and stuff

version 1.4.3
        * Removed the b(eta) in the version number.
        * The program now accepts a filename as argument, only one file will be
          read(the first). And it is best to give the full path including the
          name(thus: amoralplayer music:playlists/varlist). It will understand
          either a playlist file or an audio file and act accordingly.
        * Changed the vertical wait function with a more OS-friendly function,
          which just does the same thing, only different ;-) It seems gfx board
          users will appreciate this most.
        * Minor bug fixes again, which occured at rare occasions and were not
        * Some other little tweaks and stuff.

version 1.4.2b
        * Time out feature. Because figuring the end of a non ST module requires
          a great deal of hacking I have added for all those non ST formats a
          timeout option. You can set the time in the menu after wich the song
          quits and the next one will be load. You can ofcourse switch it off.
          And this obviously only works when a playlist is present. The timing
          happens through the vertical scanrate, so the accuracy depends on
          the screenmode.
        * It`ll now load in the system font as used on the workbench, though
          it`ll force it to 8 high for now. Tell me if that`s unacceptable ;-)
        * Added more error checking(I try the most to have it as foolproof as
        * Minor bugs fixed(ofcourse ;)

        * See update history at the bottom of this text

Version 1.4b
        * Another bug fixed, tried to redraw window equaliser when in playlist
          mode, iconified and attempting to start a new module. I`m ashamed ;-)
        * Bad bug cured. Choosing clearlist in a requester could`ve caused
          problems. This happened when playing a playlist and then an
          unrecognised file was loaded.
        * Changed module playroutine, for improved stabillity and such
        * Added a sort of graphic equaliser(Might redraw incorrectly with
          visualprefs hack, see known bugs)
        * Improved error checking and handling
Version 1.3b:
        * Random play option added, to play a playlist randomly
        * Various minor bug fixes
        * You can now load and save playlists
Verions < 1.3b:
        * Bugfix concerning ejecting a digibooster song and then loading  
          one again.
        * Close gadget added to window.
        * Visualprefs problem out of place gadget characters solved
          Thanks to Stefano Clemente, Tomislav Kitynski and Thomas Hurst 
          for telling me :-) 
        * Little bugfix concerning stopping a mod and then loading new
        * Added eject button.
        * Bugfix: When playing a sample without a playlist it hangs, grmbl
          thanks to Curt Esser for telling me.
        * Playlist! Enough said :-)
        * Added font sensitivity concerning the window title, so the window
          gadgets will draw correctly if the windowtitle has a different
          size font than 8.

Contents of mus/play/Amoralplay.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 9270   16960  54.7% -lh5- 78de Sep 10  1998 dbplayer.library
[generic]                10274   19928  51.6% -lh5- 7877 Jan 31  1999 medplayer.library
[generic]                10325   28224  36.6% -lh5- c942 Jan 18  1999 octamixplayer.library
[generic]                 7167   13540  52.9% -lh5- bd8b Jan 25  1999 octaplayer.library
[generic]                 4144    6128  67.6% -lh5- 3ddb Jan 18  1999 powerpacker.library
[generic]                 1556    2128  73.1% -lh5- 7d74 Jul 18  2001 xpkBLZW.library
[generic]                10137   16496  61.5% -lh5- 073e Dec  8  2000 xpkmaster.library
[generic]                14046   27992  50.2% -lh5- a24f Aug 12  1994 playsid.library
[generic]                  501    6767   7.4% -lh5- 0149 Jun 12  2003
[generic]                 4687   11112  42.2% -lh5- fbdf May 17  2004 Amoralplay.readme
[generic]                74489  189804  39.2% -lh5- b623 May 17  2001 Amoralplayer
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 Total        11 files  146596  339079  43.2%            May 19  2004

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