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Short:Reminder and calendar utility
Author:Juergen Klawitter
Uploader:Juergen Klawitter (klawitter juergen berlin de)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.04
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Anno is a calendar program that helps to organize your personal dates.
Dates, appointments and events are sorted chronologically and displayed
in a list year by year. Dates of different actuality are highligthed by
different colors which can be configured.

Anno is easy to use. Dates can be changed, deleted or added instantly
without a special editor program.

Anno has been programmed in assembler. It's fast, short (15 K actually)
and doesn't need much memory. Only system libraries are used.

    o names of weekdays and months are localized if locale.library
      V38+ is present (but works without).
    o uses up to 7 configurable colors for better survey of dates.
    o calculates Easter and Advent related holidays for any year between
      years 100 and 3200.
    o calculates Julian dates
    o gives information about weekday, weeknumber and day of year for each
      date between years 100 and 3200
    o shows the number of years, months, weeks and days for the interval
      between current day and any date
    o a lot of date types available (dayly, weekly, monthly, yearly,
      Easter releated, Advent related...)
    o Two-month overview
    o prints or saves dates of the current year in chronological order
    o window size, position and font configurable
    o reentrant (can be made resident)

    V 2.6
    - Cosmetic changes to window and requesters. For example the button 'D'
      has been enlarged by renaming it to DInfo (=Date Info).
    - New date format +/-c where the letter 'c' means current day or today.
      Example: Entering 'c+1 Tomorrow' will allways produce an entry 'Tomorrow'
      after the today line.

    V 2.5
    - Memory allocations improved
    - Added number of weeks (behind years and month) in Date Info
    - New key combination Shift-Space for Page up
    - Small improvements to HELP window, now adapts to small screens
    - Added in Data Info (Key I) the number of invalid entries in the
      data file
    - Most important: Dates can now be entered more easily by using full
      names of weekdays and months, e.g. 2.Thursday-September-2023 will be
      accepted and understood as 2nd Thursday of September in 2023.

    V 2.4
    - Small changes, bugfixes and improvements to parts of the code.
    - The Help window now displays more information, especially about the
      small gadgets at the bottom of the main window. Additionally the the
      colours you have chosen or the default colours are presented here.
    - The dates of easter sunday and 1st advent day can now simply be entered
      by 'e/E' and 'a/A', no need to append +0 or -0
    - Date info 2 (invoked by key or button 'D') improved. Now shows
      information about number of years, months and days between today and
      date entered.

    - Added opportunity to save modified data immediately by pressing the new
      S-button or key combination Shift-S
    - Small changes to several windows e.g. to the Info window, Help and
      Two-month survey

    - Added text styles italic and underlined in addition to boldface
    - Wheelmouse support for MorphOS (hopefully)

    V 2.2
    - Two bugs removed:
      1. Differences between dates shown by the date command or after
	 pressing the right mousebutton were partly wrong
      2. Day differences shown by the date command had a useless point in
	 special cases, e.g. '-.131 days from today'
    - Removed hardware check if the printer is online because it is useless
      with serial printers and with emulators like WinUAE. PRT: is allways
      the default destination when pressing 'P'.
    - When quitting the program modified data can simply be saved by pressing
      the return key. Optionally a filerequester can be opened

    V 2.1
    - file requesters for loading and saving data added
    - the date command (button D or key D) now shows additionally
      the difference between the date entered and current day

    V 2.0
    - wheelmouse support
    - window size and position now configurable
    - length of text for each date no longer restricted
    - important dates can be rendered in boldface
    - ToolTypes can be used for configuration
    - opens on any pubscreen (option SCREEN/K)
    - weeknumbers now correctly calculated according to ISO 8601 standard
    - gadgets rearranged
    - lots of small improvements

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