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Short:Versatile Amiga Testprogram
Author:jochem_caspers yahoo com (Partial Author J.J. Caspers)
Uploader:jochem_caspers yahoo com (J.J. Caspers)
Version:6.23 beta:
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 1.1
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An Amiga TestProgram for all Amigas.  Remove hardware from the parallelport
when doing tests on this port and real interrupt testing.  Don`t use
Amitestkit or DiagROM testplugs!  Remove parallelport testplug when done
using the program.

Main features include:

OCS, ECS, AGA and SAGA screen testing
Audio testing
Sprite testing
Blitter testing
SAGA texturemapping testing
Joystick, Mouse and CD32(insert first), Vampire -joypad testing
Keyboard testing (CDTV extra keys)
CIA testing
ROM testing
CPU testing
FPU testing
MMU testing (write protect test(040/060) and registers)
RTC testing
Memory testing
Addressline testing
Real Interrupt testing
Interrupt Request testing
Diskdrive testing
IDE testing
Parallelport testing
Serialport testing
Diskdriveport testing
PCMCIA testing
Chip ID readout
Akiko CD32 testing (Force CD32 in configscreen or open CD32 Screen to get more
 testing in other tests, (interrupt and "CIA/"Akiko-TOD switching PAL/NTSC).
CD32 NVRAM testing (Not for ROM version will use nonvolatile.library)
CDTV NVRAM testing (experimental)
CDTV Card testing (experimental)
AutoConfig testing not working on real hardware? and only on ROM
Controlling one Amiga with another computer or receive debug data through a
 nullmodem or a selfmade parallelport -cable.  Serial Speed is 57600 (older
 ROMs 115200) Baud.  Works with WinUAE 5.1.0 in transmit only mode.  For ROM
 boot info you can also use a PC program that can receive ASCII over a COMport.
*CD32 will use joypad control on boot (hold lmb for 6 sec to use mouse)
*For master start terminal other Amiga will be slave automatic on mainscreen
TestPackage include EPROM file single socket 68000(+)
TestPackage include EPROM files double sockets 68020(+)
TestPackage include EPROM file single socket 68020(+) CD32
TestPackage include EPROM files doublesocket A1000 (experimental!)
TestPackage include ROM files for emulators (524kb use 020+ and 64kb=A1000!)
!If ROM flash code greenscreens you can skip with LMB.
TestPackage include ISO file (can be an older version, no boot CDTV/CD32)
 (For rev5 A500 Amigas you may need a modification for A17  and BYTE line ROM.
 (you can make your own bootable ISO, use ISOCD from CD32-devkit)
TestPackage include QuickDisk (diskdrive tests only)
!Vampire users with problems can try to update the SAGA core
!If you use an older ROM version, use right version of VATestprogram.  It may
 give problems.  Older versions of VATestprogram are included in the package.

Update 6.23b
CD32 will also start with mouse control.  If you want to use CD32pad just hold
 the fire button for 5 secs or so.  Use JOY in config file or at cli command
 to boot program with joystick control.  NOPAD command is removed.
Chipset setting will always show
Optimization code
Screen fetch test removed.  This test was not needed.  Displayplus test can do
 the same.
Parallelport screen fix.
ROM Update 30.68
-More help text with pictures and better looking manual with menu buttons for
 larger ROM.
-Parallelport screen fix.

Update 6.2b
Hexview will show memory address at cursor position
Hexviewer can change ASCII, press DEL
Deep address test.  It will erase and write to all memory locations for
 selected address range, it will save and restore the memory before and
 after the test.  It can hit copperlist and screendata.  The copperlist
 will be turned off when in range.  Lmb will exit test and give copperlist
 back.  Test will run a very long time for large address ranges.  This
 test will show any mirroring of memory locations which also can happen
 with a short.  Test will start to switch power LED while running, start
 is slower with switching the LED.
Shortage Address test
 Test will check between all address lines where data is written on one address
 line and then read if the other address have the same number.  With an address
 short this will be the case.  Old short test is removed that would only show
 when there was an error between lines next to each other.
Changes to AddressScreen buttons.
CDTV extra keyboard codes fix
Diskdrive screen start with WaitOnIndex and 12kb readsize
ROM Update 30.66
-New Addresstests added
-Bars and pattern added colorslides screen
-CDTV extra keyboard codes fix
-Help screen for larger ROM version

Update 6.1b
RTC extra year digids for RTC that support this.  This does not mean the
 RTC uses two bytes for the year!
Diskdrive bug wrong counting on waitingsync fix
Vampire RTC DS3231 
 Date is working also now
 TOD timer can sync
 Fix for other RTC on the I2C to work for showing time
 Different RTC I2C addresses added
 Saving date and time
Autoconfig screen added, will list autoconfig hardware through OS
Bug fixing
ROMUpdate 30.64
-Diskdrive bug wrong counting on waitingsync fix

Update 6b
MouseJoy screen can now also leave the screen when mouse is in the other port
MouseJoy screen can quit with the ESC key
Vampire Scale text added Isabel screen tests
Vampire simple sprite1 collision test to 8 others (not working on used core)
MC68000 and MC68010 will only output errors for 16bits data bus end result
Portdraw bug removed parralelport test when line high show
Work on guide
Vampire RTC I2C with the use of I2C.library
 Detect RTC I2C address
 Realtime Readout for DS3231, date is incorrect!
 Selecting RTC DS3231 manually
ROMUpdate 30.62
-Diskdrive screen tests bug fixes, needs more work!  ROM version is different
 then diskversion!!

Update 5.99b
Holding Left mouse to swap joypad with mouse control fix, lmb click is removed
 when swapping mouse/joypad control
Keyboard control added to select different diskdrives menu3
MemoryTest Upgrade
 Will list error results for both zero and one values on a data line
 Protection memory test reading/writting to ROM address removed
 Real time showing bit values changing on data bus when finding errors
  when there are errors on the whole bus, test will be slower because
  it updates error text at each fault
 !1 means the dataline is high while it should be low
 !0 means the dataline is low while it should be high
Vampire Joypad test fixes for newer cores
Vampire extra screen atari modes tests (was not working on tested core, 256
 color mode is incorrect for sure.)
Vampire 16bits LRGB mode added, L is a bit in the mode to switch extra value
 for RGB together?
Vampire work on screentest scale
ROMUpdate 30.6
-Memory test upgrade, will show zeros and ones for databus errors
-Diskdrive upgrades from latest disk version
-ROM Pre chipmem short between two lines test added, only for datalines next
 to each other
-ROM Pre chipmem dataline stuck high and low combined outputed

Update 5.97b
Vampire 16 color Sprite test (may not work)
Vampire Sprite reuse test
Vampire YUV testscreen (needs more work)
Vampire Atari 16 color screen test (under construction)
Vampire extra real Interrupt test bug fix

Update 5.95b
Vampire Shifting texturemapping Test
Vampire Audioscreen
 16 channels
 Frequency, left/right volume control
 Selecting waveforms and lenghts
 Fast channel selecting button
 Quick Left and right switching, off and both switching
 16 and 8 bits amplitude switch
 Channel switches
 Control over volume switches L/R and both
 Can play 7 samples when vatestprogram.dat is put with the program
Vampire More work on SAGAScreen tests
Vampire Mousewheel register test renamed
Vampire extra RealInterrupt tests, ethernet interrupt is actually a request
!Older Vampire Standalone SAGA core may give a black screen bug!
!VATestprogram.dat file needed for some Vampire tests!

Update 5.92b
vatestprogram.dat file updated with texture.  Older Amigas will not load the
 texture data from the .dat file.
Vampire Screen Tests under SAGA display+
 8 16 24 and 32 screens added with colorblocks
 Screen sides and corner blocks for some color depth modes
 All resolutions added
Vampire CPU Clock at CPUscreen
Vampire 3D scaling test with speed results, 512x512x4 bytes per texture
Vampire Bilienar switch for smoothing pixels with texturemapping
Vampire Texture Light input, is used to lower RGB colors with texturemapping
Vampire standalone CPU speed result added
Vampire Texture mapping test needs to load VATestprogram.dat for a texture
Vampire Texture Size mode used for test
Vampire AudioScreen (under construction)
5.82b Version of program added (without new vampire tests)

Update 5.84b
Many changes to program to work with different sizes of chipmemory
Vampire joypad screen fixes and is working oke
Vampire wheel mouse test, not working for now?
Vampire display testscreen (under construction)
 Selecting Resolution
 Selecting Color depth
 Selecting Scanline
 Selecting Zoom
 Testscreen with colors (15bit and 640 width only correct)
Vampire ID text fix

Update 5.82b
LongSprites now also work witch Attach mode
Diskdrive Selecting for destination and source with disk icons
NoLock on diskcopy
More Keyboard font characters for keyboard test
Out of Memory message for mem needed to copy a disk to same drive
Encode decode option now also works with copy a disk from diskdrive to another
Configscreen can select between two baudrates so the program is more
 compatible with older ROM versions of the program
CLI arguments and configfile  FSER option added to auto start program with
 older faster speed setting serialport
Can viewhex of diskdrive raw read data
No Sectors found will give questionmarks for hex value distance
Work on guide (diskdrive screen use)
ROM Update 30.4
-No Copperlist use when no usable chipmem detected fix in program
-CIA timer test fix, if no memory can`t be used to program will output CIA
 counting, no VBL waiting is used for this and different counting on each
 different CPU speed etc Amigas
-when VBR table can`t be moved will auto shut down interrupts in use in program 
 this will happen when first chipmem is faulty for a 68000 CPU
-maybe fix memory test without working VBR table what can happen with no
 chipmem, it will use no interrupts in that case
CD ISO File Update (no CD32/CDTV boot!)

Update 5.8b
Better Disk Sector Error handeling
DiskCopy bug fix
Disk Header Error Code 4 Added
Better sector distance numbers
CopyDisk to same drive can use encode decode option, it will use alot less
 memory, 0.9mb to hold diskdata insted of 1.9mb
SineWave can do 5 lenghts and bug fix freq/modulating tests
Keyboard fix A500, return that repeats before
BaudRate set lower so more null modem cables work, A2000 may need this also
 BaudRate is now 57600, slow Amiga controlling very fast Amiga may fail
 You can slow it down with eatingfastmem or turning off the cache
 WinUAE 5.1.0 version works with transmit only mode
ROM update 30
-BaudRate set to 57600 use in combination with new VAtestprogram5.8b
-Bug fix for hanging on TOD text when can`t use any memory
-Bug fixing running from other memory
-5 Audio wave lengths and calculated waves
-Terminal Screen can scroll and show also bin values
-Config screen can select diskdrive use through program

Update 5.79
Display plus has now a calculated testscreen
Display plus screen can calculate amount of pixel width and height
May use a question mark if DDFSTRT DDFSTOP is set wrong
Displayplus, DIWHIGH can be turned on and off
OverScan screen changes and is used for testing a screen Displayplus
OverScan calculate and print resolution text
Keyboard control to change screen on the fly at showscreen Displayplus
 Up&Down Screen Y Pos movement, uses DIWSTART and DIWSTOP
 Left&Right X Pos movement (per 16 pixels lores) uses DDFSTART/DDFSTOP
 Shift Up&Down Screen Size Height changing
 Shift Left&Right Size Screen
LongSprites mode added
AudioWaves can be selected for different lengtes, will calculate samples
Standard Audio waves will be drawn on the screen
CD ISO File update (can`t boot CDTV&CD32, needs trademarkfile for boot?)

Update 5.78
Sprite Attach mode works better in moving sprite test
Moving Sprite over sprite added for moving sprite test
Cursor hexview Screen Added
Cursor can edit hexnumbers, press backspace to enter hex value
Display plus screen can use DDFSTART DDFSTOP DIWSTART DIWSTOP registers
SawTooth wave added to AudioScreen
DisplayPlus screen native Amiga 15khz support added
Calculate display resolution.  For native Amiga screenmodes you need to set
 DDFSTAR/STOP registers to a correct value.
Work on Displayplus screen
Protection on displayplus screen changes OCS Amigas
Bugs fixing
Some Work on the guide
CD ISO file update

Update 5.74
Trace Exception test added
CheckerPatterns on color adjust screen
WaitDelay input in hex after index flag is set (diskspinning index) on read and
 also on a write (Word syncing ($4489) will hold the data stream till it finds
 the sync word from disk!)
Sync off will now continue again for showing correct (Amigaformat) read sectors
HPOS line test added under VHPOS test, will draw line and will output max wait
 hex number byte (VHPOSR), test can be to slow and line starts to jump abit
Work on guide
CD ISO file updated

Update 5.7b
At diskdrive screen, Wait on Word SYNC from disk at writing option added
At diskdrive screen, program can try to find WordSync from disk when all SYNC
 is disabled.  The estimated Sync Number keeps jumping and sometimes get found
Going through menus with keyboard or a joystick it will use a buttoncounter
 insted of a mouse memorymap, which give less problems when program is in bad
Program will do a fast check on chipmem used for program and report if it is
 failing, it will give an error message on the mainscreen, some tests make use
 of the chipmem and may fail if the chipmem is not oke
CIA with "show counting" off will also not show counting for the combined
More polygons added for line&fill test
Some work on the guide of program
Adjust color screen has big color bars
DisplaySettings screen
!You may damage your monitor when set wrong, because you can send all kinds of
 frequency signals that the monitor don`t like!  DisplayPlus screen is locked
Displaysetting will start with the older settings that was used before for the
 31/24khz test
On Mainscreen with program unlocked you can hold RMB and press D to goto the
On The displaymenuscreen you can press D to show the monitor screentest
DisplaySettings All Alice/Agnus registers added for a none standard Amiga
 Display, you can also select a resolution in BPLCON0 register
Older Kickstart will look for files in VAT:, name of disk is changed to VAT:
 this way you can install the program any where you want and the files for
 the program can be found in any drawer when using an assign for VAT:
Reading and copy disk will use standard error codes
 1 Less Sectors on read  2 No SYNC  3 No sync for next sector  6 read checksum
  error  8 Verify Error
DiskError codes will use a red color
Keyboard fix not going to left diskdrivescreen menu buttons

Update 5.64b
Raw Clear disk, will copy $AAAA data for 32Kbytes after waitindex for each
Raw Copydisk, can copy disks but not all disks will copy oke
Faster diskhead stepping, for slower stepping set timing to VBL
WriteProtect warning but will continue
!Some diskdrives need faster stepping before you notice the drive is not
 stepping oke
!Copy disk to same drive need 1.8mb of free memory
Some work on guide of program
ISO file updated to latest diskversion and ROM

Update 5.62b
Auto selecting Gayle or A4000 IDE fix on startup IDE/SCSI screen
ROM Update 29.4
-Adjust color screen upgrades from diskversion
-IDE reading sectors etc upgrades from diskversion

Update 5.6b
512bytes Hexview of sector/block harddisk, no need for; device to be formated
 or OS finding of device and can reach 128gb of space on any kickstart
Option to read more then 512bytes per block
Navigation with arrow keys up down for reading multible blocks of 512. Set
 readsize higher.  You can test the harddisk buffer if it is larger then
Navigation per sector with arrow keys left right
Press S for putting sector number
Press C for cylinder
Press H for head
Retry or no retry harddisk sectorreading
Read last readout from buffer harddisk and view in hex
DriveDiagnostic command sending to drive can indicate a problem but buggy,
 diagnostic comes from the drive it self!
Listing of IDE registers and a Read write test moved to other screen
More Errors readout of IDE devices and output text at the bottom
Geometry can be used to lock sector/heads/cylinders that are not present, it
 needs you to read first the ID from the drive and incorrect ID readout will
 reflect(larger drives)
MMU test will list MMU registers both for MMU 030 and 040/060
Last line draw test will loop
HAM8screen with sprites bug removed
ROM Update 29.2
-MMU register listing under MMUtest

Update 5.5b
Search option ASCII added hexviewer, press shift S for input and s to search
!Search only do max of 1mb, ending in some memory that don`t exist can give
 a bus exception.  ASCII search can do 32 characters and is case sensitive
Better Marking of found search text Hexviewer
Bug removed missalignmentmemory foundhexviewer
Address input hexviewer press a
CheckerPattern screen added with RMB to switch to overscan, usefull for LCD
Left and right mousebutton can also scroll text in terminalscreen
Adjust Color screen can spread, copy/exchange colors and set to a fix palette
Extra linedraw test, will drawlines from middle to edge of screen going around
More Efficient Palette loading in program
AudioBeep when switching audio genlock
!Use new vatestprogram.dat file or else data will load wrong
ROM Update 29.1
-Larger ROM versions will put video port pinout on videoscreen

Update 5.48b
SCSI/IDE screen possible to list devices in an old way so it also works on
 ROM1.1 and up, Listing Devicename/DeviceDriver/unit/volume/filesystemmarker
 (HDToolbox may put wrong marker)/Maxtransfer/Bootpri/Mount
AudioScreen will show a more full samplewave for longer samples
Bug fixing, readalltracks bug removed, another fix diskdrive readsize changing
Diskdrive selecting for readalltracks is linked again on 1e menu diskdrive use
ROM Update 29
-ROM will check for odd data at even address fault and other way around, done
 on address $100/$102 and $101/$103.
-Can chooise between two modules and for the larger ROM versions 3 modules
-Turning off the mouse 'm key' will disable the use of a clickbuttonmap in
 memory, so most of working memory is not needed in this case, only the memory
 for the stack and variables are vital, you can use a joystick or keyboard to
 select buttons.
-Module added for larger ROM versions from Aquafresh of Mellow

Update 5.46b
Playing a sample of module will show wave drawing of sample
Pause module track option added
32kb diskblock reading menu bug removed
Bug fixing and enhancing program
A alot faster memory test when avoid interrupts is selected
Semi 64bit mulu and div instruction test added for CPU 030+
ROM Update 28.8
-Update most features of latest disk version except for diskdrive testing
-32kb diskdrive reading menu bug removed and 12kb option added
-Readalltracks bug fix

Update 5.4b
CDTV Screen added
CDTV int2 bug removed
CDTV force chipset added
CDTV detection by none AGA and debox.library present check
NOCDTV cli and configfile option added
CDTV real interrupt INT2 test added
NVRAM R/W Test (will save and restore old data and do R/W testing!)
NVRAM Write (will save a 32bits number at end of memory)
NVRAM Read (will check for the number that the writetest had placed before)
Card R/W Test
Card Read Test (will read all data that write put before)
Card Write Test (will write data for readtest)
SetSize Read and Write Card
Keyboard screen will show extra keys for CDTV (play stop etc)
ROM address set quick button in ROMscreen
Module Play Speed adjustment buttons
Module Play Song position control
Keyboard input will clear text but restore text when pressing enter rightaway
Keyboard bug removed A500 DMAspeed
Readtracks no wait on diskblocks (buggy with real disksdrives)
Bug fixing
!CDTV Tests only tested in emulation, CDTV tests may not work on real hardware!
CDISOFile Update

Update 5.32b
Audioscreen can also play any samples of test module
Blitter Speed test with DMA activity
HHPOS Register added for registertest
Some work on Guide
CDISOFile Update

Update 5.3b
Clearingscreen removed realtime addressline tests
Cursor added for all keyboardinput
BackSpace can remove keyboardinput
Hires screenmode test noneAGA bug fix
Keyboard can`t reach all buttons fixing
Better SuperHires test for AGA
Extended scrolling screen for AGA Amiga test on a superhires screen
Extended scroller can switch to hires with RMB
SR supervisor bit test added (not an accurate test)
Better Sprite to SpriteCollisionTest.  Will now test each sprite to sprite bit
 separate and not only test all set and all cleared which is also included with
 this new test.  Test will run twice, first even and then odd sprites.
Color adjustscreen will show color number
Color adjustscreen halfbrite bug removed none AGA Amigas
Color adjustscreen will also show color value in bits
Verify for diskcopy option
12kb readsize added and program will preset this
Highdensity will set the readsize higher when set on 12kb to 24kb
Diskdrive screen changes and menu added
Setting Source and destination diskdrive for copydisk
Set write size of a track for diskcopy
HD/DD switch will reset trackwritesize
Auto Frequency Test on audio waves under audioscreen
Diskdrivescreen on start will reset to DD Amiga disk
!Diskcopy not working on real diskdrives, so it is disabled!

Update 5.2b
DMA speedtest, will loop CPU instructions to chipmem for 1 seconds and will
 show the CPU mips speed while switching DMA channels with DMA load.
 You can test how much CPU to chipmem speed is lost when there is other DMA
Pressing H for hires mode DMA speedtest
Pressing L for lowres mode DMA speedtest
Pressing S for superhires mode DMA speedtest
DiskDriveTests can work with Highdensity disks but Paula can not always read
 enough data from disk for one Track, so it will not always read all sectors in
 one readout.
DiskReadSpeed test, will test how many raw readblocks can be read from a disk
 per second
WaitForIndex will make the readdiskdata tests wait for a rotation of the
 diskmotor. Distance of found data in memorydump diskdrive should be more
DiskdriveMenu2 overhaul
RGB manual color adjustmentscreen with a mouseslider, RMB will show empty screen
 with the color of color zero, also a RGB hexvalue.
Halfbrite test will switch to Hires with right button on AGA Amiga
ROMUpdate 28.4
Diskdrive screen updates
ESC key can exit keyboardscreen
Extra VBR-table copy to chipmem before CIA switching overlay

Update 5.1b
Monitor function for AddressLine tests, will show data bits on lines.  Can also
 be used for a single address.  Will show first address and bits set.
First addresslines that have no purpose to test on more data bits are removed
When putting zero addresslines, in monitor test it will not correct any
 addresses from 16bits only 8bits alignment, it will also not block any
 address ranges.
Poking in memory possible when pressing P in the addresstest it self, input
 data to poke and then address, when enter press rightaway it will use the
 base address from the address test it self.
Adding addresses to addresstest while running pressing A, you can fill in
 an address and the bussize.
(Q)uick button next to monitor in addressscreen to start with only one address
NOCACHE cli command option added
CACHE cli command option added
NOPAD cli command to start CD32 mode with a mouse and not a joypad
NOCD32 cli command to not check for CD32. Unfortunately it gives a bus
 exception when ussing the Akiko ID register readout on an A4000.  To be sure
 you can disable the CD32 check if you amigas hangs on booting of the program.
Program now also have a config file. You can type the words from the cli
 commands in the text file. ; in front of the words dont work.
Protection on head move loop when no track zero sensor works!
Holding ESC 5 seconds on keyboardscreen will jump to mainscreen.
CD32 bug fix for hanging on CIA testscreen
Keyboard transmit error bug removed entering keyboardscreen with keyboard
EatFastmem Program will now load in chipmem so it can eat more.
VATQuickDisk Some bugs removed
ROMUpdate 28.2
Importand bug removed.  Early exceptions caused a crash of program because no
 pointers where ready at the beginning of the chipmem after rom overlay
Exception and early interrupt error colors longer on screen
When parmode is set on it will skip some of them customchipregisters such as
 the color code to color 0 with an exception.
After parmode check and parmode was not set and you have an early exception it
 will not output on the parport to avoid cia activity.
Moving some CIA settings to later in the program so there is more chance it can
start farther.

Update 5.0b
Customchip registerstest can be used over terminalmode but is slow
Less restrictions on diskdrive use in lock mode
Diskdrive screen button changes
Diskswaptest with better protection of stepping to highertrack on last track
Repeat option when reading all tracks. Disks with errors will keep trying,
 this can remove abit of errors on disks, number 99 will keep trying for
 unlimited amount.
Head Move Loop; will just send the heads up and down.  It may remove some
 dust inside a disk Max is 50 times.
Terminalscreen scrolling removed to gain speed
Terminalscreen will now clear a line after printing, needed when looping back
 text with to much text on the screen(buffer).
Terminalscreen can now also show only hex numbers, configscreen have a switch
Terminal wil use alot more memory that is there anyways for the text on the
 screen.  More lines before it will loop back.
Program can use CLI arguments to not use exceptions and unlock the program
 right away.  These are AVOIDCHIP, UNLOCK and NOEXCEPTIONS you type behind the
 cli command VATestprogram.  These only work from ROM 2.04 and up. (use /?)
NOEXCEPTIONS will skip exception changes and storing and tests with exceptions!
 Some CPUboards and running software may not like the use of some exceptions.
AVOIDCHIP will move the buttonscreen to fastmem if any, some tests will
 use the buttonscreen memory also.
Harddisk readout and C2P test moved to buttonscreen memory.
Program will verify chipmem that is reserved for program and with a fault
 will move the buttonscreen to fastmem if any.
More Easy to remove lockmode in aboutscreen
Small program added in C directory for removing most fastmem, the testprogram
 can then run from chipmem only.
Bug fixes.
 Made alot smaller and can boot from disk.  Is 9 diskblocks large.
ROMUpdate 28
Program placed in other memory sometimes show extra long click button bug
 probably removed.
Unlocking in About screen more easy
!Extra tests added when no memory can be used ROM version!
-INT2 INT3 INT6 line high Text
-Longer waiting to cancel VBL waiting CIA timer tests
-Horizontal position counter test (VHPOSR)
-Color Screen Test with bitplane set open. Memory for screen data will run
 without control.
-CPU writing to audio and bitplane data direct screen test
-Text added when pulsing in loop on chipmem bus at Address $400

Update 4.95b
CustomChip registers test can now also mark bits red when holding a different
 number then expected (use RMB).
CustomChip registers test should now also work over terminalscreen
Pre set Address test chipmem A1200 rev1 added
Pre set Address test chipmem A2000 rev6 added
Auto DatalineText added for some of the Preset Addresstests (32bits&16bits
 tests that test by each byte)
DiskdriveTests only program on adf for faster booting from disk and more
 chance it can load from disk.
Less use of customchip registers on roomboot to avoid problems when custom
 chip lines are bad.
Pre CPU exception errors output a letter on serial and parallelport
Pre IRQ activation will output a letter on serial and parallelport
Bug fixing
BPLPRI test bug removed
Hanging on Serial register int stuck bug removed
!Letter codes will wait abit and output a return also on serial and also
 parallel if it is set on.
!Rom files added for A1000 64kb, will use bootstrapROM startaddress, these ROMs
 have not been tested on a real A1000 and are experimental!  Interrupts
 probably work.
!65kb ROM file added for A1000 emulation

Update 4.9b
RealTime mode added for Hex viewer
Parallelcable can be used in terminalmode and works between two Amigas
Parallel communication turn on with keysholding at menus p, a, r and alt
Readonly mode for addressline testing (different behavour then Read/write and
 can be used for ROM addresses, can show when oke but not faulty will use
 a "same" message
Keyboardscreen will also show binaire reading keyboard keys
Keyboard special codes will show a text comment (keyboardreset, buffer full,
 transmission error, keyboard selftest error)
IRQ monitor test will not block VBL anymore for int counting level 3
CustomChipRegisters Monitor under registers and will mark bits that dont change
 for checking stuck bits.  RMB will try to activate bits for testing and change
 mode also from each chip to each register for marking bits not stuck.
Can scroll up and down with keyboard in terminalscreen boot info and errors
ROMUpdate 26
-Hold fire button on 2e joymouseport on boot and let go when screen will show
 bluepurple, if parallelport all bits are high then it will enter parallelmode
-Hold p a r and shift keys on keyboard for parmode on menu
-Terminal can do parallelmode
-Can output boot errors and info when on parallelcable mode
-Program can output displaytext to terminal over parallelcable
-IRQ monitor test will not block VBL anymore for int counting level 3

Update 4.8b
Configscreen more options for mouse/joystick control
Terminalscreen can receive text from ROM version
Terminalscreen can list text that is received and will scroll down when needed
Terminal receiving screen will loop back when receiving more then 145 lines
Less chance of bogus connection between terminal and other computer
!Older VATestprogram and ROM version will not work anymore with new version
ROMUpdate 25
-Mouse/joystick control update
-Terminal mode update
-Less chance of problems on wrong connecting
-ROM file will not use small colors codes any more
-PC with a COMport ASCI program  can receive text output of an Amiga with
 VATestprogram ROMs, set to 115200 baud and will only give boot info and errors
-ROM that have no working memory will output some tests on the serialport
 with text (CIA timers/ CIA register test, some customchip register tests and
 output interrupt requestregister (you can check for interrupt activity)
-ROM 3 boot stages will output S1, S2, S3
-If other memory is used for program, it will output this on the serial
-Flashing screen will skip when a nullmodem is connected and terminalmode is
 open on the other computer.
ISOFile updated to latest version

Update 4.76b
Joystick can also be used to selectmenus
Swap mouse and joystick control with letter J and M
About 3 seconds holding fire button on mainscreen will swap mouse joystick
Right mouse button also works on second port
CD32 detection will put joystick as control
Right mouse button on second port being stuck will show message on startup

Update 4.71b
ISO file added for Amiga CDdrives, bootable and can be used for CDTV&CD32

Update 4.7b
CD32 NVRAM testing, read/write/(data r/w check)/ delete save file
!Makes use of the nonvolatile.library, CD32 should be pre detected
!Unlock mode for more testing
*ROM Update 24
-Set of Sprites moving to other memory with bad memory
-bug fixing
-boot errors review
-green flashing can be skipped with a left mouse click
-speed change green flashing
-extra Sprites other then mouse pointer can be switched off
-if memory moved it will give a message
-better use of program with copperlist off
-interrupts avoided when VBR can`t move which will mostly fail CPU interrupts.
!Testing on real hardware with heavy memory bus problems, see ROMreadmem!

Update 4.69b
Hexview search crash bug removed 68000 CPUs
PCMCIA Warning message
*ROM Update 23
 Stackpointer, copperlist, Variables, VBR(020+), Screen and screenbutton map
 can be moved around when having bad chipmem. This is done automaticly.
-Bug fixing
-Some updates from disk version
-At configscreen you can change memory for variables, screen, screenmap
 and copperlist of program
-Program can run without a copperlist but with only one bitplane
-Copperlist can be switched on/off in the configscreen
-New bugs removed from previouse version, mostly text bugs
-Modules and HAM pictures will load directly from the ROM when needed in
 chipmemory for the screen
-Small audio Samples will move with the copperlist in chipmem when having bad
 chipmem on the first 262kb of the chipmem
!In short a very large amount of changes have been made so the program can run
 from other memory when finding bad memory on first 262kb of chipmem, this have
 only been tested in emulation!
!Moving the memory worked in emulation to higher-chipmem/slowmem/cpu board
 fastmem/A4000 motherboard memory but not to autoconfig memory, but memory in
 24bit range (A1200-020 030ec) will not work if it is autoconfig!
!ROMProgram can have new bugs because alot of changes have been made to it!
!Testprogram can flash green alot on romboot with bad chipmem! You need alot
 of patients, the flashing correspont with a databus bit fault!

Update 4.68b
PC text under CPUscreen, address of running CPU instructions
PCMCIA compactflash readout ID of IDE device
PCMCIA bits and address mode detection on readout ID
PCMCIA Some of the Status bits on screen
PCMCIA CC disable option
PCMCIA Digital Audio switch
PCMCIA speed change button (unlock first)
Work on guide
First two bytes of ROM address in ROMscreen
Terminalscreen can produce menthol blue color code
*ROM Update 22.6 (CPU instructions from ROM)
-Menthol Blue Error code added for a bad VHPosr readout (no running of Vsync)
-With bad Chipmem VBR moving now also to CPU board memory or mainboard fastmem
 68000 and 68010 excluded
-Bug fix crash after greenscreen for OCS Amigas without any working memory
-PCMCIA tests added
-Bug Addressline text no addresslinenumbers fix

Update 4.6b
Better NTSC/PAL detection on boot with other powersupply tick
Nicer Screen swapping HAM6 screen and testscreen
Small fixes for better looking testscreen
Fix for BOB moving on NTSC clipping bug
Stackpointer number under CPU screen
VBRBase number under CPU screen
VBRMove test
29280 bytes less memory use, abit more data will load in chip insted of fastmem
CIA timer bug removed exit after disk readtracks
Interrupt no need of CPU interrupt only on Paula for Diskblock done disktests
*Rom Update 22
-Update most of latest VATestprogram
-Program still running from chipmem
*ROM Update 22.3
-Update most of latest VATestprogram
-ROM Testprogram will run now all CPU instructions directly from the ROM not
-Stackpointer moving in memory to higher chipmem or in slowmem when chip memory
 for stackpointer is faulty
-Moving of vector table for AGA Amigas and 32 address line CPUs if stackpointer
 memory fails and will use one directly from the ROM chip!
-Smaller ROM will also have CD32 tests, AGA sprites and joypad test vampire
!ROMupgade in short, alot more chance the program can run with chipmem problems
!for now the ROM can take a long time to boot after a green screen
-LowerAmount of memory use, gives more space in ROM

Update 4.58b
Unstable program bug removed after Copperlist2 test en CIA registers test
Extra colors added testscreen
CIA screen changes text positions
CIA Help text for correct timer values when pressing RMB
Avoid interrupts switch in config will also make the CIA tests not use ints,
 this can prevent hanging when CIA Interrupts are stuck high and dont work
Control CIA registers can be tested
CD32 detection by C2P pointer in graphics.library
Bug fix C2P test fail after use of some functions with 2MB chip only CD32

Update 4.53b
Large Sprite added for AGA Amigas
Abit nicer Copperlist2 test
Better odd data test
Better Chipset switching
Will also mark oke when CIA A TOD timer have a different Tick under CIAtests
.dat file can also be loaded in other memory then chipmem
.dat file will only load partialy for none AGA Amigas
More FPU exceptions will be tested from FPCR register
Test for some of the CIA Registers, keyboard CIA register test moved
Other shift works also for a hex search

Update 4.5b
Hexviewer will mark text better for search function
Hexviewer works now with a nullmodem connection
Hexviewer mouse can scroll abit
New Sprite added when vatestprogram.dat file is loaded
Bug removing keyboard control and better going through menus/buttons
Simple Copperlist2 pointer test
CPU forcing under config screen
Begin work PCMCIA port tests
Possible to unlock mode with keyboard in aboutscreen
Terminalscreen exit both left and right button needed
Right mouse works in TerminalScreen with a Null modem connection
Program can exit terminalmode and reconnect easly
Avoid hanging in terminalmode slave Amiga and will exit connection
*ROMUpdate 21.8
-Terminal communication with rightmousebutton possible.

Update 4.4b
Mousemoving no need of JoyTestregister any more, may fix vampirestandalone bug
Keyboard can disable and enable mouse moving with M key.
Terminal mode can read color codes and receive bad memory bus bits and
Very simple extra 020(+) instructions test
Faster drawing of buttons
*ROM Update 21
-Outputting error color codes serialport
-Rearrange ROM boot process
-Smarter overlay test, will loop till working
-Memory Test will show a darker green if a higher amount of memory is faulty
-Output on serial (with checksum) bad bits memory bus.
-Higher amount of chipmem bus bits failing will also output bad bits on
 address $4000 only
-AddressTest will output on serial on ROM boot for first 262kb when failing,
 will also output higher addresslines

Update 4.3b
Bob Testing Channel A mask words
Bob Testing Channel A B C D modulo
BLTCON0L register Simple test
Bob shifting test channel A and B
Simple Bitplane modulo test
Vampire V2 will show which model under ChipID
*ROM Update 20
-Latest update from diskversion

Update 4.2b
Bug fixing
Bug removed A4000 030 hanging on startup, CD32 tests always showing on AGA
 (CD32 detection causing Bus Error on an A4000)
DualPlayfield colors used screen
DualPlayfield colors for playfield2 can be shifted on AGA Amigas
Better Vampire 68080 detection
Vampire V2 detection under ChipID
SAGA detection
Joypad testscreen for SAGA Amigas
Chipset selecting added for forcing SAGA
AutoLoading of AVTestprogram.dat file for HAM pictures, place in same directory
 no need to put this file.  Program load quicker without it.
INTREQ2 and INTENA2 test for SAGA for PaulaTest INTENA and INTREQ
(Vampire tests have not been tested!)
*ROM Update 19
-New Features added of latest disk version
-Bug removed A4000 030 hanging on startup (CD32 detecting causing bus exception
 maybe better to update your old ROM!)
-Can now also make use of the IDE/SCSI screen

Update 4.1b
Work on guide of program
DiskdrivePortTest. You need a testplug and this feature is also locked
Real Interrupt testing index-int can also make use of the diskdrivetestplug
*ROM Update 18
-New Features added of version 4.1b
-Module play speed correction for NTSC

Update 4.0b
An upgrade for a good akiko C2Ptest, now also works on a real CD32
Loop option SerialPortTest
Overscanscreentest scale numbers, box in each corner and gray background color
ChipID number hexword readout Lisa/Denise chip
Option added for setting own ROM address and size for ROM checksumtest
Setting ROM checksum number option
HexView under ROM screen
Calculating Checksum option of Current ROM that is set
Empty Memory/ROM message when memory/rom is all empty
Setting option for two types of ROM checksum counting
CPU detection 030/040/060 added for older kickstarts
*ROM Update 17
-All except overscanscreen updated from latest disk version
-Work in progress for ROM autoconfig adding to ROM screen

Update 3.9b
Force CD32/AGA/ECS/OCS switching
Loop Function ParPortTest (use unlock mode first)
Guide bug removed for serial and parallelport help (how to built test plugs)
*ROM Update 16
-Screen for setting and readout autoconfig boards/memory zorro2 and zorro3
-Shut up option autoconfig boards and putting in address range
-Memory automatic added for memorytest after autoconfig run for zorro memory
-Autoconfig review mode to review boards that have been configured
 (Autoconfig have not been tested on real hardware!)

Update 3.8b
Alot faster text pasting, extra symbols rearranged, use latest program in
 combination with the new ROMs or some of the symbols will fail, if you want to
 stay on the older ROM version, you can use the older VATestprogram in the
Bug text on wrong place for null modem connection removed.
Better Hex search for the hexviewer (shift s)
TestScreen for adjusting screensettings on TV/LCD/CRT screens
Begin work for an overscan screen test for adjusting screen settings TV/LCD/CRT
*ROM Update 15
-update from latest disk version

Update 3.7b
(CD32 AudioTrackplayer buggy + NVRAM test and C2P not working on a real CD32)
CD32 AudioTrackPlayer
 Toc readout button
 Fastforward 10 sec and 1min buttonsm (need more work)
 CD controller info readout
 CDTrack numbers can be clicked to select track
 CD timers (track time/time on whole CD/pos times)
 CD playPos option no need of Toc with use of Pos buttons
 CD Flush Button for flushing qued tasks to CD player
 CD Looping of whole CD possible
 *CD32 CD playing: put disc, playpos, press TOC, press play.
CD32 NVRAM readout
Hex&ASCII viewer under memoryscreen (hex search buggy)
A4000 zorro2 conflict with Akiko address? black screen bug removed
Bug fix Exception text not showing if there is an early crash program
Better key readout keyboard for filling in numbers
*ROM Update 14
-update from latest diskversion 3.6b

Update 3.63b
CD32 AudioTrackPlayer (needs more work can be buggy, insert disc first)
 CD audioplayer control buttons
 CD simple animation laser of position
 CD toc readout
 CD position nr and time
*ROM Update 13.2
-update from latest diskversion

Update 3.6b
CD32 fix for CIA TOD Timer when switching betweem PAL and NTSC
CD32 CD PIO level 2 int test
CD32 Akiko detection
CD32 Chunky to planar Test
Option added to force ECS and AGA set in config screen
Akiko Chip ID readout
*ROM Update 13
-HAM 6 and HAM 8 photo added for hi, low and CD32 ROM version
-update from latest disk version
-ROM package now also include CD32 EPROM file

Update 3.5b
DMA switching channels on and off test
Copper will skip wait instruction when blitter is busy test, COPCON
Aboutscreen will exit with a screen effect
CPU halt instruction
Swap mouse button can also be set in the config menu screen
IPL interruptlines test, you need a scope for this test and works very well.
CIA ChipSelect and ReadWrite signal pulse test, you need a scope for this.
Space on keyboard will also work for rightmousebutton
RMB will be disabled for extra functions tests when used as mainbutton.
*ROM Update 12
-update from latest diskversion

Update 3.4b
Better NTSC support.
Bug fix CPUSpeed mips numbers
Alot Faster loading program with a music module.
Bug removed possible crash with use of pre loading module of program.
Bug removed blitter & CPU speed bad correction on NTSC
Colortable shifting 256 colors test RMB
RGA test will show bits on RGA lines.
ICacheTest can also exit on rightmouse button when in use.
Better Sprite Control, will keep using state that is set
JoyDAT bits not stuck color removed
Keyboard bug removed
Serial long mode added for also testing 10bits insted of 9bits on RxD TxD.
Keyboard number filling in no need of Paula int requests any more.
* ROM Update 11

Update 3.3b
Config Screen to turn off mouse or keyboard, terminal selecting and avoid Ints.
More ID chips listing.
Many improvements for IRQ/Interrupt monitoring with trickering ints.
Bug fix Serialport test.
Keyboard can now also be used to select buttons.
Triangle audio wave added.
* ROM update 10
- NTSC/PAL Agnus/Alice detecting and booting on NTSC or PAL mode.

Update 3.2b
Realtime IRQ monitor function, will be different with IRQ only mode.
Terminal mode can now also do transmit only.
 This mode also works on a PC connected to your Amiga using the testprogram in
 WinUAE other Terminal mode does not work with a PC.  Hold Joy UP&LEFT on boot
 for slave Amiga. (ROMtestprogram needs update!)
BPLDAT test.
FPU divide by zero exception test.
CHIP IDs function (not many IDs will show but vampire v4 may detect).
Parallelporttest continue after short in unlock mode.
* No ROM update

Update 3.1b
CPU Speed test with comparison, still needs more work.
BLT Speed bug fixed and larger numbers possible till 999999.
BLT Speed test will run better on CIA timer.
Program start will not turn off cache
DataCache can be switched on/off
Branchecache 060 on/off switch
Memory and address testing will auto switch off datacache
INT counting to much bug removed
IDE ints should work aldo only tested in emulation.
More readout info from drive in IDE test.
Keyboard test key readout bug fix for very fast amigas.
IDE commands added spin up, spin down and recalibrate command.
* No ROM update

Update 3.0b
IDE harddisk/cf/ssd sector register tests and readout name from device.
IDE status flags added in test
A4000 IDE interrupt added, first set it on in IDE/SCSI menu
(IDE functions have not been tested on real hardware and different drives)
Indication of higher Blit speed result possible
Genlocking each color register, need more testing.
* ROM update 9
-Will continue after awhile after flashing green for bad memory
-IDE features not working! Ignore results also for IDE interrupts.
-Updates from testprogram

Update 2.95b
Blitter Priority over CPU switch
Genlock audio switch
040/060 MMU test, needs alot more work will only test writeprotect on memory.
Potdat and potgor registers put on setpotgo screen
Locking feature changes
Trapping faults of CPU will report on an emptyscreen with exception name.
* no rom update

Update 2.9b
CIAScreen overhaul.
CIAtimers will also check as fail and oke for all modes.
CIA ports manual switching.
Paula POTport manual switching.
Bits readout will mark red when working POTDAT and JOYDAT registers.
LCD TV sharpness filter test.
RGB pattern tests rewritten for use with copperlist.
RGB pattern more colors
Distance first sector found in raw disk readout in memory. (for adjusting
 diskdrive track zero sensor!)
General lock mode on dangerous features of program, read guide!
* no rom update

Update 2.8b
Screen Fetch test
Simple playfield to playfield collision test
32/64 bit sprite size
AGA Sprite Collisions tests
CIA ports info text
CIA timer help text
Gray scale added RGB pattern
Normal RGB levels Pattern added
Blitter extra large bobs, VSize and HSize test added.
Binairy readout text paula pots and joymousescreen joydat registers.
Better text interruptscreen and testtext.
Serialport test baud rates will not report fail for 3 higher speeds on port.
* ROM Update 8
-Skipping timing on screen refresh rate when not working for whole program.
-Updates From testprogram version 2.7b and 2.8b.

Update 2.7b
Dual Playfield Test 6 and 8 bitplanes
SpritePlayfield Priority Adjustment
WindowSizing Test
Pattern Upgrade
Better RGA Test
Paula POTRegisters Realtime Readout
* No ROM update

Update 2.6b
31khz screen test
Picture of Serial and Parallelport with markings where problem is.
AGA Video pattern color bars test have numbering text.
Lower CPUs will leave out options in CPU menu.
* ROM update 7
-Updates from 2.6b Testprogram
-Fault Color code added overlay fault

Update 2.5b
ROM file in package also for single ROM socket Amigas
ROM files also work now with 68000 and 68010 CPU`s
Mouse button lockup bug fix terminal mode
Auto slave connection on mainmenu
RGA pulse test (experimental for scope)
Some functions don`t need CPU interrupts any more (keyboard)
Mouse click menu after first boot will make the program work on copperlist fix
Slower serial output for terminal mode so more Amigas will work with it
Realinterrupt testing can also do tests on IRQ bits without use of ints to CPU.
Different speed testing showing with baud text on serialport test
A higher speed added serial test
bug fixing
Playmark buttons added audio test
Delay options for delay between setting and testing on serialport signals, not
 for TxD and RxD, if you set it to fast you may find a slow logic port by
 getting bad result on the serial test, dont turn on icache.
CIA chip nr help text
Real time CIA input output port listing
About screen text fix terminal mode
* ROM Update 6
-Updates from 2.5b testprogram
-Serial port test 68000? version can give a TSRE bug!

Update 2.4b
Many work on terminal mode and is now fully working
New tests for blitter filling mode
Linedraw test doing two modes
UART removed from diskdrive menu
Realinterrupt setting diskdrive that is used for interrupts.
AllCombination logic bob test improved
CIAB TOD timer better oke check
* ROM Update 5
-Terminal mode (use a null modem cable)
-Updates from 2.4b testprogram

Update 2.3b
Sprite tests bug fixing/improvement
Prefixed Address tests chip location text
Improvements for second joyport control of mouse
Better use of Rightmouse button used when left is stuck or hold on startup
Terminal mode, you can now control one amiga with another one through
 a simple null modem cable, (buggy, still needs work and is not finished).
Blitter zero test (collision)
Audio modulate test done with modulate function of Paula.
Audio square wave fixed
Don`t use Amitestkit test plugs warning message added
Bug fixing
* No ROMUpdate

Update 2.2b
Addresstest can do 8bits 16bits and 32bits on the databus
Prefixed address tests (A500 trapdoor/A3000 zipram etc).
AddressPush, needed to test longer range for 24bit fastmem
AddressBlock option so you can do more then one ram simms in one go.
AddressPulse mode can also do 8/16/32bits
Address auto skip on lower addresslines when in 16/32bits on the databus
Manual address testing
BorderBlank test
Sprite reusing test
Keyboard stuck on A1200 with accelerator bug fixed
* ROM Update 4 (don`t use older versions of the ROM!)
-Diskdrive Stepping down bug removed on each reset and power turn on for CIA
 8520PL chip.  Not tested on all CIA chips! The diskdrive should not make any
 stepping noise on turn on.
-Pre put stepping up at restart, this is mostly better then stepping down.
-Update for new functions from 2.2b testprogram.

Update 2.1b
RTC hold mode test
RTC smarter writing away settings time and date
Modules added to package. (mod by Aquafresh of Mellow)
Diskdrive interrupts will always be tested
Better sprite tests and sprites
AGA Sprite colortable alternate test
Keyboard screen can show keyboard buffer
Overlay test better response on left mouse button
Text for hanging mousebuttons and fire1 button 2e port on startup
Better support for using mouse on 2e port after fire from 2e port.
If fire on port 2 or port 1 is stuck it will use the right button port1.
Module player fix, still not perfect.
Addresspulse fix for 68000, test needs more work!
* ROM Update 3
-Added tests from latest version
-Keyboard interrupt stuck fix
-ICache and Dcache test working
-Better memory detection (for A4000 users) with mainboardmemory
-Random gfx/module

Update 2.0b
Copper blitter control enable test
256 color Hires screen test, can be used for 32bits fetch test to lisa
Sprite tests will enable sprites right away
Sprite Attach mode
Interrupt blocking test INTENA register
Interrupt blocking SR test
Address Pulse mode, can be used for scoping address and data lines
Audio main volume buttons
RTC button to Quickly set the date
* ROM update 2
-Added extra tests from latest version
-Memory detection, maybe buggy with A4000 memory on mainboard below 16mb.
-Sprite bug removed
-CPU detection added
-24bit address mode detection on memory
-Blitter readystuck bit removed

Update 1.9b
Program ported to ROM files for A1200
Boot code ROM
Color codes ROM
Fixes for Program in ROM
Paula Bug fixed 4th channel, some Paula chips did not load sample on first go.
Crash bug in Program removed after Gayle test had run.
MousePointer Sprite bug fixed

Update 1.8b
RTC Time of Day timer good syncing and full time
NTSC/PAL switch (other tests will be affected)
NTSC sprite height fix
RTC setting date working both RTC chips
Fast mode for both RTC chips, extra fast modes for RP5C01 RTC
AM/24H TOD reseting when above 12 o clock midnight
MemoryTest Bad data lines results inverted bug fixed
Both 16bits and 32bits data results memorytest when failed
No lock on ROM address memtest readonly test
Sprites moving test up/down left/right
BorderSprite switch
Misalignment message memorytest for 32bits databus.
Main ROM Version digid text
Bug fixing

Update 1.7b
More digid for TOD sync
Better RTC detecting
RTC setting date oke, year digid not set oke M6242B RTC
RTC M6242B week setting
RTC M6242B 10 year digid fix readout
RTC 24/AM PM mode. no adjustment of clock yet
CPU icache turn on/off button
040 id fixed
NTSC/PAL VBL count auto adjust CIA tests
NTSC/PAL switch for counting used CIA tests
ROM startaddress text,  memory test fixed
Module playing audio noise fix
MMU off button
Bug fixing and making program smaller

Update 1.6b
Horrible audio noise removed when switching on and off channels
Color registers test for none AGA made faster
Lots of screen glitching removed
Memory Test can detect all memory
MemoryTest can test all memory automaticly also in a loop
MemoryTest size quick button for setting memory size manual in a quicker way
Polygon test faster and double bufferd
Polygon test will draw more diffrent polygons
Bobs test have random bob on startup.
CIA show counting on PAL Amiga for 68000 now fast enough
RTC M64242B not done yet will give abit garbage
060FPU crashing removed on FPU test
Program smaller then previouse version

Update log 1.5b
RTC alot of changes for testing.  Not 100% done, older RTC still needs work
  take in account control of RTC is pretty direct.
TOD timer counter added to check if RTC is running about the right speed
RTC Clock Setting
RTC Small protection for wrong input
RTC AM/PM 24H mode. Program will not adjust RTC hour registers!
RTC Jumpstart
Small slow down between serial/parallel port switching and reading results.
   Fix for A1200 users with slower logicport chip U29/U28.
Gayle int hanging fixed
Extra mode added for interrupt testing. You can now shutdown interrupts on
  first activation, it will avoid hanging of interrupts.
Crash caushed by using frequency buttons fixed
Improved ICache Tesing, program will reroute with a faulty instruction and
  instructions have to be more accurate or else it will fail the test.
MMU Turnoff button
Data Cache Test
Parallelport pulse mode will pulse on SEL POUT BUSY. Use RMB.
Diskdrive CIA waiting improved
Bug fixing

Update log 1.4b
Guide for all the functions of the program
ROM checksum test looping till mouse is pressed
Extended ROM test with checksum
Read only mode memorytest
Loop function memorytesting
All colors registers test
Audio one button for frequencies
Audio fast switch buttons turning on and off channels, left right etc.
RTC can readout two types of RTC chips
RTC write test of days
ICache memory test, is still in work.
Memorytest bug removed no reseting error counting.
MemoryDetecting, not finished yet
Slowmem removed from menu for AGA amiga`s
Interlaced Test
Better pattern Superhires screen
Bug fixing

Update log 1.3b
ICache on Button gives reponse
Rev and ID number for 060 CPU
SerialPort pulse test signal activity on screen
Level 7 counting
option removed for now Invert CIAB button

Update log 1.2b
Better warning message parallelport
Bug fixing!
Bob testing will test all possible logic combinations of blitter
Bob stress testing
RTC begin work not complete, don`t use!
Color fixing for sprites
CPU cache turn on button
FPU060 test partial fix, need 68060 library running!
060/040 address exception test added

Contents of util/misc/
Archive:  /home/aminet/aminet_root/doc//util/misc/
 Length   Method    Size  Cmpr    Date    Time   CRC-32   Name
--------  ------  ------- ---- ---------- ----- --------  ----
    1167  Defl:N      587  50% 2024-02-04 18:00 1c0c4664  CDISO.readme
     160  Defl:N      104  35% 2023-06-25 16:26 103f46e4  EatFastmem
       0  Stored        0   0% 2024-04-14 19:41 00000000  OlderVersions/
 1048576  Defl:N   363324  65% 2022-09-25 18:17 7715fafd  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg16-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   127262  76% 2022-10-09 19:12 0d523f07  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg17.bin
  524288  Defl:N   177742  66% 2022-11-04 13:45 7e471774  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg19.hi
  524288  Defl:N   189854  64% 2022-11-04 13:45 26e57aad  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg19.lo
 1048576  Defl:N   377296  64% 2023-01-22 21:17 7053bfd4  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg22-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   136601  74% 2023-01-22 20:10 8723cf35  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg22.bin
  524288  Defl:N   183227  65% 2023-01-22 21:17 918b0857  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg22.hi
  524288  Defl:N   194063  63% 2023-01-22 21:17 047f2974  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg22.lo
 1048576  Defl:N   375949  64% 2023-03-05 21:14 43d6c7d3  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg24-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   143939  73% 2023-03-05 19:46 406aa9a3  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg24.bin
  524288  Defl:N   185661  65% 2023-03-05 21:14 641ab36e  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg24.hi
  524288  Defl:N   190246  64% 2023-03-05 21:14 cb4885d7  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg24.lo
 1048576  Defl:N   378375  64% 2023-04-25 23:29 604a0ea2  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg25-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   146191  72% 2023-04-25 21:22 c4af5185  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg25.bin
  524288  Defl:N   186295  65% 2023-04-25 23:29 f36c42cb  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg25.hi
  524288  Defl:N   192013  63% 2023-04-25 23:29 302e0c4e  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg25.lo
  262144  Defl:N    71178  73% 2023-06-11 19:28 01aece31  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg28-262.rom
  524288  Defl:N   178950  66% 2023-06-11 19:24 a2a71f13  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg28-524.rom
 1048576  Defl:N   383165  64% 2023-06-11 19:24 169f9778  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg28-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   149987  71% 2023-06-11 19:28 ecc45b34  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg28.bin
  524288  Defl:N   188832  64% 2023-06-11 19:24 b47312e7  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg28.hi
  524288  Defl:N   194288  63% 2023-06-11 19:24 a314d12a  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg28.lo
  262144  Defl:N    77423  71% 2023-10-29 14:55 c9aaaa40  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg29.4-262.rom
  524288  Defl:N   190564  64% 2023-10-29 14:51 a0041a72  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg29.4-524.rom
 1048576  Defl:N   407633  61% 2023-10-29 14:52 2d6ecf4c  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg29.4-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   163564  69% 2023-10-29 14:55 83d8f982  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg29.4.bin
  524288  Defl:N   200814  62% 2023-10-29 14:51 14f0b684  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg29.4.hi
  524288  Defl:N   206835  61% 2023-10-29 14:51 4efe77c9  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg29.4.lo
  262144  Defl:N    77848  70% 2024-02-04 18:41 7a17aba3  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg30.4-262.rom
  524288  Defl:N   191000  64% 2024-02-04 18:38 95a7c8f6  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg30.4-524.rom
 1048576  Defl:N   408810  61% 2024-02-04 18:38 cb0a15c5  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg30.4-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   164538  69% 2024-02-04 18:40 59da7f0e  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg30.4.bin
  524288  Defl:N   201491  62% 2024-02-04 18:38 7dd8cdce  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg30.4.hi
  524288  Defl:N   207353  61% 2024-02-04 18:38 14e13ace  OlderVersions/ROMTestProg30.4.lo
   74320  Defl:N    43192  42% 2022-11-04 17:23 252d5d04  OlderVersions/VATestProgram3.5b
  901120  Defl:N   359693  60% 2023-04-27 19:10 353270fa  OlderVersions/VATestdisk4.8b.adf
  901120  Defl:N   440135  51% 2024-02-04 17:57 a7c9081b  OlderVersions/VATestdisk5.82b.adf
   87680  Defl:N    51412  41% 2022-12-18 18:05 ac1bb08d  OlderVersions/VATestprogram4.4b
   92412  Defl:N    54303  41% 2023-04-25 19:57 fd3f6d15  OlderVersions/VATestprogram4.7b
  115584  Defl:N    68235  41% 2024-01-08 19:08 c4fc8f0a  OlderVersions/VATestprogram5.79b
  116580  Defl:N    68883  41% 2024-02-04 17:48 bd4de21a  OlderVersions/VATestprogram5.82b
  262144  Defl:N    81038  69% 2024-06-09 16:17 eaf889d4  ROMTestProg30.68-262.rom
  524288  Defl:N   205315  61% 2024-06-09 16:15 6814f723  ROMTestProg30.68-524.rom
 1048576  Defl:N   450207  57% 2024-06-09 16:15 e3158e4c  ROMTestProg30.68-CD32.bin
  524288  Defl:N   170660  67% 2024-06-09 16:17 79fdfe74  ROMTestProg30.68.bin
  524288  Defl:N   223179  57% 2024-06-09 16:15 4375488d  ROMTestProg30.68.hi
  524288  Defl:N   226984  57% 2024-06-09 16:15 7a90b14a  ROMTestProg30.68.lo
   19849  Defl:N     7309  63% 2024-05-12 19:59 193e26a8  ROMTestProgram.Readme
       0  Stored        0   0% 2024-02-04 17:45 00000000  Untested/
   32768  Defl:N    19459  41% 2023-05-28 18:10 7c675ea4  Untested/ROMTestProg27-A1000.hi
   32768  Defl:N    23678  28% 2023-05-28 18:10 53abfd33  Untested/ROMTestProg27-A1000.lo
  901120  Defl:N   322959  64% 2023-06-25 16:45 e7f86c1e  VATQuickDisk.adf
  126744  Defl:N    75470  41% 2024-06-09 16:05 683c3390  VATestProgram
  901120  Defl:N   534002  41% 2024-06-09 16:10 8f210424  VATestdisk6.23b.adf
       0  Stored        0   0% 2023-06-25 16:24 00000000  VATestprogram.cfg
  377870  Defl:N   285309  25% 2106-01-01 02:04 b24958b2  VATestprogram.dat
  162191  Defl:N    49662  69% 2024-05-21 21:05 7f5b8ad8
     867  Defl:N      421  51% 2023-08-10 21:31 86c40190
     742  Defl:N      340  54% 2021-09-24 19:28 54bcb444
33019904  Defl:N 12136969  63% 2024-05-26 18:40 51295934  VATestprogramNoboot6.2b.iso
     537  Defl:N      298  45% 2023-12-06 23:10 71f80cee  install.readme
   16664  Defl:N     9702  42% 2021-11-22 19:01 24dff0ae  test.mod
     268  Defl:N      178  34% 2023-12-09 21:39 bbfa0765  testmod.readme
--------          -------  ---                            -------
62000803         23121994  63%                            66 files

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