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Short:A memo utility for OS 3.x. V0.80
Author:Juha Niemimäki
Uploader:jniemima mail student oulu fi
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AmiMemos v. 0.80

    by Juha Niemimäki (19th of May, in 2003)

    jniemima at

What is AmiMemos?

    AmiMemos is a small program that allows you to have an unlimited amount
    of Post-It(R) style "sticker" windows on a screen. Usually people at
    home and offices just cover their monitors with those colourful
    glued papers and this is an electronical replacement for them.

    I began writing the AmiMemos utility mainly to learn the
    Intuition programming. I also thought that this idea might be


    Compiles also with GCC
    Now saves the RGB values of used colours, too, instead of pen numbers
    Amount of memos is not restricted anymore (thanks Piru)
    Content of memos can be seen while dragging


    Movable colourful "sticker-style" windows
    Save / Load and Edit memos
    Alarm system
    Easy keyboard or mouse control
    'Zipping' the windows
    Free C source code, compiling with VBCC and GCC

Requirements and Installation

    - OS 3.0 Compiled for '020. Probably could be compiled for 2.x too, but I
    don't have such a system so it's up to you to make a version for it :/

    - I heard it's running on Pegasos/MOS too, so it should work on emulators

    - Start the program from Workbench and remember to adjust the
    ToolTypes to whatever suits best your needs. If you want to start
    AmiMemos automatically, put it in the WBStartup drawer and make
    sure you have "Active" ToolType set on. If you have created some
    memos and saved them, they will be loaded automatically (if the
    "File" tooltype is set properly, of course :)

    ToolTypes explained:

    Screen - a public screen name, i.e. Workbench
    File   - save file name, like ToDo.memos
    Active - TRUE or FALSE
    Save   - not used currently


    If you have no previously saved memos, a preferences window will
    open. You can write texts in string gadgets and select the colours
    and possibly, activate the alarm mode.

    You can drag a memo by clicking it with the left mousebutton, and
    without releasing, move it to another place, and finally releasing
    the button. If you check "Show Content" option in preferences menu,
    you will can see the memo content while dragging.

    You can activate menu by clicking the right mousebutton.

    Keyboard commands:

    Cursor keys - move memo by 1 pixel to desired direction: useful for
    tweaking the place

    7, 8, 9
    4,    6     - move memo by 8 pixels to desired direction a la rogue-like :)
    1, 2, 3

    N - new memo: brings up the preferences window
    E - edit current memo
    Q - close current memo ( and possibly quit the whole program thus )
    S - save current memos
    F - move memo (window) to front
    B - move memo (window) to back
    Z - zip/unzip memo: useful when you need more room on the screen

    Menu shortcuts:

    Amiga + N - new memo

    Amiga + A - about
    Amiga + E - edit

    Amiga + C - close
    Amiga + S - save

    Amiga + X - save and quit
    Amiga + Q - quit


    You can see the currently active memo by looking its borders. The
    active one has bolded (doubled) border.

    If you try to select the same colour for background (memo) and
    foreground (text), the text colour will be a complement of the memo
    colour. Of course you can still make a "bad" colour choice by
    having too almost-the-same colours..In such case, please edit memo
    and make a better choice.


    - Install VBCC (or GCC from GeekGadgets) and NDK3.1 or NDK3.9
    - Install GNU Make (from Aminet)
    - Run Make in 'src' directory

    NOTE: You are free to use the source code for any non-commercial
    usage. This package is allowed and encouraged to be distributed on
    Aminet CDs or similar collections.
    Ask me for further information if you feel insecure.


    - Sometimes the "outer" memo background colour differs from the
      "inner", so that the bold (active) border look strange. ???
    - Memos might have different colours when loaded. This is because
      no RGB info is saved on the disc, only the pen numbers. FIXED.

    - Showing active memos with double borders does not work properly
      when starting AmiMemos. Work-around added.

    - ???

    Please send a bug report if you can find more!


    - OS 4 compile?
    - Reaction / MUI gui?
    - Better text writing system?
    - Symbol for timer memos (ie picture of clock)?
    - Your ideas?

    - Volker Barthelmann & Frank Wille for VBCC
    - Dietmar Eilert for GoldED AIX
    - GNU for Make and GCC
    - Friendly folks at comp.sys.amiga.programmer
    - Finnish Amiga users, especially Piru & itix for helping
    - KaV for being so patient =)


    0.x - started autumn/02: painful learning by trial-and-error :)

    0.7 - first public release ( 30. 12. 2002 ): happy happy joy joy...

    0.80 - second public release ( 19.5. 2003 ): the version number starts from
a lot
    higher now. Some new features, hopefully a few bugs fixed. GCC

Contents of util/wb/AmiMemos0.80.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                13212   24108  54.8% -lh5- 5f10 May 19  2003 AmiMemos/AmiMemos
[generic]                  727    4005  18.2% -lh5- aa9f May 19  2003 AmiMemos/
[generic]                 2455    5121  47.9% -lh5- f1b3 May 19  2003 AmiMemos/AmiMemos.readme
[generic]                12950   24124  53.7% -lh5- 7bfa May 19  2003 AmiMemos/AmiMemos_VBCC
[generic]                 1176    4134  28.4% -lh5- bf1e May 19  2003 AmiMemos/src/file.c
[generic]                 1491    7778  19.2% -lh5- beea May 14  2003 AmiMemos/src/gadgets.c
[generic]                 1346    4057  33.2% -lh5- 771d May 19  2003 AmiMemos/src/globalstuff.h
[generic]                 3124   15351  20.4% -lh5- 22ee May 19  2003 AmiMemos/src/idcmp.c
[generic]                 2126    8526  24.9% -lh5- cad5 May 14  2003 AmiMemos/src/main.c
[generic]                  220     474  46.4% -lh5- ce64 May 19  2003 AmiMemos/src/makefile
[generic]                  224     479  46.8% -lh5- 0114 May 14  2003 AmiMemos/src/makefile_vbcc
[generic]                 3497   13845  25.3% -lh5- db51 May 19  2003 AmiMemos/src/memos.c
[generic]                  950    3229  29.4% -lh5- 61bf May 14  2003 AmiMemos/src/menu.c
[generic]                  328     840  39.0% -lh5- 83e6 May 14  2003 AmiMemos/src/protos.h
[generic]                  944    2182  43.3% -lh5- 5d09 May 14  2003 AmiMemos/test.memo
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        15 files   44770  118253  37.9%            May 21  2003

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