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0mar.zip2.0mods/crash26768K2024-05-01generic Loud & hard hitting 3/4 beat. 8 bit xm - (readme)
0pal.zip2.0mods/crash15282K2024-05-20generic Blast beat, fast leads. 8 bit xm - (readme)
0scaryman.zip2.0mods/crash15196K2024-06-12generic Breakcore/Noisecore. 4 channel 8 bit xm - (readme)
Abyss2.zip2.0mods/crash248128K2024-04-13generic Long fade in, then dramatic. 8 bit xm - (readme)
Aftershave.zip2.0mods/crash139102K2024-06-24generic Heavy drums/bells/harpsichord. 8 bit xm - (readme)
airlock.zip2.0mods/crash375.7M2024-07-22generic 6 channel spacey jazz. 16 bit med (+mp3) - (readme)
anewbetteryou.zip1.0mods/crash123204K2024-06-15generic DJ Vadim-inspired 4 channel 8 bit xm - (readme)
Anoqia.lha mods/crash496266K1997-04-28generic Background noise mod, something to sleep to. - (readme)
Biochem.lha mods/crash492617K1997-04-23generic Med module. The ultimate grand finale song. - (readme)
BlackOcean.zip2.0mods/crash3847K2024-07-16generic Short/Slow/Drudging/Loops. 8 bit xm - (readme)
Bloated.lha mods/crash4958201K1997-04-29generic Fast Techno/hiphop with revolting gutteral noises - (readme)
borg.zip1.0mods/crash3638K2024-07-16generic Looping Action Game Music. 8 bit xm - (readme)
bossfight1.zip1.0mods/crash6056K2024-07-18generic Looping Bossfight Music. 8 bit xm - (readme)
BrokenSkull.zip2.0mods/crash4799K2024-07-18generic Metal with synth leads. 8 bit xm - (readme)
Burglary.zip2.0mods/crash24219K2024-07-22generic Sneaky with sfx. 8 bit xm - (readme)
CenturyF.lha mods/crash4879187K1997-09-03generic Jungle / Trance - (readme)
CFlavor.lha mods/crash4794132K1997-04-29generic Old original-instrument style, hard hitting STROBE demo mod - (readme)
clandestine2.zip2.0mods/crash236107K2024-04-08generic Looping demo mod, converted to XM - (readme)
Clone_Death.zip2.0mods/crash12465K2024-06-12generic Hypno-trance noise core. 4 channel 8 bit xm - (readme)
COPtheme.zip2.0mods/crash5220K2024-07-20generic Minimalist, low-toned. 8 bit xm - (readme)
CoronerLab2.zip2.0mods/crash32054K2024-04-16generic Hard hitting, evil tech mod. 8 bit xm - (readme)
CrysJung.lha mods/crash4047128K1997-04-23generic Med module. Epic mod, melodies and chords with thundering drums - (readme)
DeathSquad.lha mods/crash408682K1997-04-23generic Med module. Tech mod, with evil, hypnotic break down. - (readme)
Dementia.lha mods/crash410687K1997-04-29generic 8 channel mood-swinging mdo w/ minor chords & distorted guitar - (readme)
DemonRobot.zip2.0mods/crash47124K2024-07-16generic Speed Metal. 8 bit xm - (readme)
dieselfuel.zip1.0mods/crash4097K2024-07-15generic Looping Action Game Music. 8 bit xm - (readme)
Dilemma.lha mods/crash407144K1997-04-29generic Another old style repetitive mod, but better than a stick in the eye. - (readme)
dissociate.zip2.0mods/crash4066K2024-07-18generic 8-channel, slow and heavy. 8 bit xm - (readme)
DreamBurn.lha mods/crash4033214K1997-09-03generic Low toned, mellow groove - (readme)
DriveBY.lha mods/crash406596K1997-04-23generic Med module. Head crackin heavy metal mod. - (readme)
Elongated.zip2.0mods/crash8896K2024-07-13generic All drums (Not a solo). 8 bit xm - (readme)
Exposure.lha mods/crash399099K1997-04-23generic Med module. acoustic / hard core metal mod - (readme)
eyesocket.lha mods/crash411693K1997-04-23generic Med module. implementing noises as instruments. - (readme)
FlameSheep.lha mods/crash3935112K1997-04-29generic Old old mod from the experimental days, kinda funky. - (readme)
GumDisease.zip2.0mods/crash3061K2024-07-22generic Grungy Heavy Electronic. 8 bit xm - (readme)
HairyChild.lha mods/crash4089406K1997-04-23generic 2 med modules. Long fast tech mod, and a short slow hip hop mod. - (readme)
HalfLife.lha mods/crash4082181K1997-04-23generic Med module. Monstrous sounding mod, loud strings and gongs. - (readme)
hplague1.zip2.0mods/crash4366K2024-07-19generic Dark Orchestral, part 1 of 3. 8 bit xm - (readme)
hplague2.lha mods/crash4044115K1998-01-05generic Second piece to the Hate Plague trilogy, full of destruction - (readme)
hplague3.lha mods/crash3990123K1998-01-05generic The final Hate Plague mod, an overdose of depressing music - (readme)
Infexion.lha mods/crash403287K1997-04-23generic Med module. Evil sounding, mix of odd horns and synth. - (readme)
Intuition.zip1.0mods/crash33655K2024-04-17generic Short, Slow, Grungy, Melodic. 8 bit xm - (readme)
Ionized.zip2.0mods/crash24919K2024-05-01generic Calm/classical to tech/tribal. 8 bit xm - (readme)
MagneticWaste.lha mods/crash3978191K1997-04-23generic Med module. long, experimental tech mod. full of death. - (readme)
MurderWarpath.zip2.0mods/crash28561K2024-04-16generic Aggressive Tribal Rock. 8 bit xm - (readme)
MurderWarpath2.zip2.0mods/crash30261K2024-04-16generic Aggressive Tribal Rock. 8 bit xm - (readme)
n2depths.lha mods/crash400063K1997-04-23generic Med module. upbeat chord/melody mod with hard beat. - (readme)
Narcotomy.lha mods/crash403336K1997-04-23generic Med module. loud and fast tech mod. - (readme)
Necrocracy.lha mods/crash399960K1997-04-23generic Med module. evil work of art, minor melodies and grungy basslines. - (readme)
niknak.zip2.0mods/crash3468K2024-07-15generic Tribal drums/synth strings. 8 bit xm - (readme)
Found 65 matching package(s):
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